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Why bother checking for spelling and grammar, when all one needs is rage?

Pakistan is blazing with protests today over the Danish cartoons. Still. Which makes this 1 month of non-stop raging, essentially over some random ink on paper.

Incidentally, we Christians have seen far worse abuse than this piddliness, but you don't see us burning everything we can get our hands on to protest.

Why do you suppose that is?Aww shucks—Always glad to be of service, Michelle!

(If y'all are coming over from Mrs. Malkin's site, and are wondering why things look different over here, be sure to read this and this.)

As an aside, does anyone besides me get the feeling that these people are doing their best YMCA? Or is it the macarena?

Pack journalism, courtesy Asim Tanveer.

Hmmm... Tanveer...? Asim and Khalid.

Are these two Reuters stringers... brothers?

And if so, why is Reuters paying both of them, seeing how they're standing but 2 feet away from each other, submitting the exact same shot for the wire service?

Doesn't seem like a very prudent way to run a business, to me...

It must be time for my afternoon coffee, because I seem to have forgotten that Khalid works for the-unnameables, whereas Asim works for Reuters.

Which begs a totally different question:—Do the two wire services value their output so little, that they're perfectly willing to accept their photographers publishing the exact same photograph as their competitors?

But it's not as bad as if both worked for the same agency, of course.

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#1 captainfish 07-Mar-2008
Hey brian,
I guess you have not heard of the Biker Jesus. It was a report a few days ago. This company creates alternate HIP views of Jesus. One view had him looking like a biker riding a hawg.

Oh man, you should have seen the cities burning. Hundreds of people died. The President was even attacked forcing the military to launch their zionist rockets. It was a slaughter. Vice President Cheney even brought his shotgun.
#2 MJ 10-Mar-2008
Hahahaha! I talk about this a bit on my blog too. I mean, there are millions of strange depictions of Christ out there! We get excited when we see the virgin mother in our pancake syrup!!!!
#3 captainfish 11-Mar-2008
Oh yeah, and is she ever pissed when you grab that fork and dive in to her face.

I dont know. Is it me or do grilled cheese sandwiches give you a much more fuller feeling if there is a "virgin mary" image on one side of the toasted bread?
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