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Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County

From the land of George Washington, comes this ever-so-present classiness:

Three teenagers have been arrested for the stabbing of a 17-year-old Mount Vernon High School student as he walked home from school yesterday. Police said a car with the teens flashing gang signs pulled alongside the victim in the area of 8515 Old Mount Vernon Road and that one 17-year-old suspect got out of the car and stabbed the victim in the arm with a knife.

The suspects fled the area and were shortly identified by police.

Horseback riding, mint juleps, boat rides down the river. And gang banging.

All a part of the "cultural evolution" and "social tapestry" that Gerry Connolly and the rest Board of Supervisors just love to saddle we innocent bystanders with.

(Definitely be sure to hop over to the Fairfax Times for the punchline—namely, the winning look on the guy in the picture's face.)



#1 Thus Spake Ortner 07-Mar-2008
Nice, 2 blocks from my house.
#2 Greg Letiecq 07-Mar-2008
If these were members of MS-13, according to VSP statistics there is an 80% chance that these were illegal aliens. No doubt the police in Fairfax County will not disclose the legal status of these suspects, if they are allowed to even investigate the legal status of these individuals.

Of note the policy for fairfax police officers is that they are not permitted to ask suspected criminals about their immigration status except in some some defined cases. This ensures that dangerous illegal alien criminals are never identified as illegal aliens, and released back into the community when the period of their detention expires, and ICE is not notified of their unlawful presence.

Way to go, Gerry. Protect the interest of illegal aliens at the expense of the safety and security of your constituents.
#3 captainfish 07-Mar-2008
I was curious about the reference to "gerry" until I read commenter #2. So, this Gerry is like a member of the town council and has enacted ordinances to protect illegals and harm legal citizens?

I just dont quite understand the thinking of protecting illegals? How do duly democratically elected people of this nation do things that subvert this nation's laws and its people? HEY MSM(AP)?!?!! way to go showing how these people are harming our nation. Oh.... RIIIIIIGGHHTT. You actually like these kind of COMMIES.

I dont know who to have faith in anymore. The national democrats are becoming socialist commies. Republicans in my home state of Oklahoma are trying to pass laws that when you are ARRESTED for felonies your DNA will be taken and stored forever in a database. Therefore, innocent people who are arrested will now have their DNA stored by the government.

GOOD BYE AMERICA. Your elected officials are doing what they can to subvert this country.
#4 Ron 09-Mar-2008

The "Gerry" is Gerry Connolly, the Chairman of the Fairfax County, Virginia Board of Supervisors. This isn't a town council; it's a legislative body that sets ordinances for a suburban county with a population of about one million people! And yes, Gerry panders to the illegal immigrant crowd while raising property taxes by double digit percentages (except for last year, when he was up for re-election). This Gerry is now a candidate for Congress.
#5 captainfish 11-Mar-2008
Thanks Ron, but how is the "legislative body" (Board of Supervisors) for a county different than a "town council"?

Either way, these people are elected. therefore, one must assume that there are many in that county who support that type of mentality. Which also explains how Socialists are gaining a more overt foothold in our government.
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