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Iran's Connections to Terrorism

There's never been any doubt in my mind that Iran bears a pretty significant responsibility for unleashing groups like Hamas and Hezbullah on the world, but there have always been a pretty persistent group of (generally left-leaning) nay-sayers that insist that Iran is acting honourably, and that anything that happens to a Western nation that harms it is of its own doing.

To those naysayers, I am absolutely delighted to present concrete proof of Iran's official support of the terrorist thugocracy in Lebanon.

Now can we start the bombing? ;)

Oh yeah, you're welcome to send along the told-ya-so's whenever you'd like, JC—at least, as far as point #4 is concerned... ;);)

Update: Heheh, thanks to Doda McCheesle for pointing out the text on this giant envelope, visible in this picture. I quote:

Martyr Emad Moghnie Myth Of Islamic Resistance



#1 captainfish 10-Mar-2008
"It seems that the author of "Snapped Shot," one Brian C. Ledbetter, is trying to promote anti-Iranian sentiment in order to support Bush and Cheney's current anti-Iran policy.".... wow, you did all that Brian? You are the main reason that Iran hates us and we don't like them much? oh wait.. that's right. we dont really hate them. We just dont trust their leaders to do anything moral, right, or legal. Guess you have failed in this attempt. So, strike one J.C.

"Off to the side however, a vague awareness of a newer Republican blog in the Virginia blogosphere has been building. Maybe some of you have noticed this blog, "Snapped Shot," as well.".... Republican?!!? And here I thought truth had no party loyalties. I take it that this Obama fanatic truly believes that MSM promotes the total truth without bias?

Hey JC!! Iran may have not had a part in that particular bombing, but ask all the US soldiers who have lost body parts and their lives if they mind Iran using IEDs instead of mosque-busters.

#2 Doda McCheesle 11-Mar-2008
Hmmm... anyone else notice the strange wording on the giant envelope on pic "#1 of 128"-- "Myth of Islamic Resistance".

Some strange translation???
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