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Fauxtography: Ahmadinejad Style?

I'm going to post this picture directly for two reasons: One, I think the image has been manipulated, and would love to hear from the rest of you as to whether or not you concur. Two, as I mentioned previously, I do not acknowledge the copyright claims of terrorists.

So, with that disclaimer in mind, I'd like for you to consider the following picture. Pay particular attention to the woman on the left—Anyone else think that the lighting on her outfit is all wrong?

Click to zoom in

The pattern looks "off" to me, too. It's either a really modern design, and thusly quite camera-surly, or Ah-maddy-jab has been following in CAIR's footsteps with one of his female relatives.

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments, whether you agree or not.

(h/t Gateway Pundit for the picture)

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#1 Yishai 24-Mar-2008
The funky pattern might be due to pixelation while resizing the image with crappy software.

But you're right. It almost looks like some chick was sitting there without the full camo gear on (gasp!), and some nitwit used MS Paint to fill her in. Heh.

One other thing that looks funky is the shadow cast from the cloth above her forehead on to her forehead and glasses. That shadow does not look real.

But it might also be due to amateur resizing.

All of Iran's professional computer geeks are on the nuclear program and can't be spared for 'news'.
#2 Yishai 24-Mar-2008
It'd be great if there were a higher res shot and someone would look for repeating patterns like the smoke in Lebanon. She might have been wearing an immodest dress with that pattern, and the aforementioned nitwit cloned the pattern over her offensive face.
#3 captainfish 24-Mar-2008
looks real to my eyes.

but then, I started to get hypnotized after a few minutes of staring at it.

I tend to think it is real, odd, but real. It does seem to contradict sharia law that women must remain invisible.

who know, maybe she was living in a barber shop pole.
#4 ptg 25-Mar-2008
The photo might have been retouched to slim down the gal, like CBS did for Katie Couric. Like this. Seriously, the enhancement at bottom center of the linked image makes it appear that the small pattern is covering arms held so both hands coyly cover the woman's naughty mouth.

Probably real. It looks odd due to resolution.
#5 desertdweller 25-Mar-2008
Gee, if it's real, I'd expect all the others in the photo would have a hypnotic glaze over their eyes.

Hence it MUST be faux.

I don't buy that it is pixelation from a resize. The mic clipped to Ahmabigwad's shirt would also suffer the same fate.

The mic means this is probably from a video, though. That might be a clue to the source of the image. No EXIF?
#6 Dan 25-Mar-2008
I am not convinced it is fake. If so, then the manipulators were keen enough to insure that the shadow being cast onto her back/side from the man to her right was maintained. Do you really think they are THAT good?
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