The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Fresh from Ye Olde Zionist Inbox

While it's not quite as exciting as half of the stuff Greg gets, I'm happy with each and every piece of fan-mail I get. Judging by the "subtext" of this little gem, it would seem that Snapped Shot has just earned itself a brand new fan:

From: Joseph H. Meyers

You are truely a Zionist sicko!!!

A pleasure to be of service, Joe! Feel free to stop by anytime and share your deep insights with us!



#1 captainfish 16-Mar-2008
Dang it Brian,
You didn't have to admit it right off. You could have denied it at least a bit.

I mean, you weren't even waterboarded or anything. Now, I don't know if you were wearing woman's underwear on your head as some form of personal torture, but... come on. We are supposed to be a secretive organization bent on taking over the world. How can you and I do that when you keep admitting it to every Joe that comes around.

Now, I got no problem with you admitting to being a sicko. We know that perfectly well and that bit of info is no secret among the blogosphere. Question though. What aspect, event, article is he referring to to call you a sicko? I know there are tons of examples he could have chosen from, but.....

it would have been nice if this fine example of literary perfection would have given us a tid-bit of knowledge so that we can all share in the joke he is trying to make.
#2 Donkeyrock 17-Mar-2008
I like it when they comment on my blog, too. comment
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