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Wire Services: Some Still Smarter than Others

Wow, I must have missed this—Guess which wire agencies are not currently in legal hot water over inappropriately publishing the photos of Eliot Spitzer's little friend?

European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), who has an excellent archive over here. And, while Agence France-Presse decided to publish the pilfered pics, it is very interesting to note that GettyImages seems to have declined to host them.

It looks like not everyone was seduced by the story, so to speak. Which makes my glee at the AP's current discomfort to be that much more enjoyable.

For more details, be sure to read Daryl Lang's followup article here. And Daryl, you're always welcome to drop me a line.

(Big h/t to Adland!)

LEGAL SMACKDOWN PENDING—Holy cow! If I had a "Drudge Siren," I'd be activating it right about now. Click on over here to see the counsel for Ms. Dupré openly threatening the entire media!

Somehow, I think the AP's legal department is going to have a very interesting morning tomorrow. ;)

Oh—you know, I may not have a Drudge Siren™, but thanks to doubleplusundead, I know for certain what I should be saying after reading that legal notice:

oh carp!
Update: Jules Crittenden on these latest developments: "Harumph harumph harumph!"

I jest, of course. Jules raises a very good point here:—The supposed victim in this case was (allegedly) involved in activity that, last I checked, was still quite illegal in the State of New York, even if "only" a Class B misdemeanor. As such, it's not too far of a stretch to imagine that this legal warning is nothing more than an attempt to shake down a handful of companies that are money-enabled.

A number of people are suggesting that her (alleged) criminal acts will not assuage the copyright violations committed by the wire services. This may or may not be true, but as Jules helpfully points out, the irony of the situation is still worth its weight in gold.

Update: doubleplusundead has lent me his Drudge Siren for the occasion:

Wee ooo wee ooo.

Thanks, doubleplus! Epileptic fits, here I come!



#1 captainfish 16-Mar-2008
OH SNAP.. that.

from the linkage:
"...We refused to use these photos for legal and ethical reasons. It could have some repercussions for those who were using these images as several US attorneys labeled this proceeding as dangerous.""

Ooooooooo... that statement right there could come back to bite the AP and al-Reuters. If the plaintiffs take the EPA (not that EPA) to court as witnesses, that will surely take a few nicks out of AP.

Can't wait.
#2 This Goes to 11 17-Mar-2008
Brian Ledbetter from Snapped Shot emailed me this morning feeling a little giddy...and with good reason. Seems the Associated (with Terrorists) Press (and other media outlets) may have themselves in a little hot water for...ahem...appropriating some photos of Ashley "Kristen" Dupre' without consent:
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