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Serial Funeralist

Just ran across a familiar face in the wire archives—The gentleman in these two photographs seems to have a knack for showing up at the front of funerals for Islamic Jihad terrorists "Activists."

5 March 2008Palestinians shout during the funeral of Islamic Jihad militant Yosuf al-Samera in the central Gaza Strip March 5, 2008. Al-Samera was killed by Israeli forces late on Tuesday, medical workers said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA) (Second angle from Khalil Hamra/AP.)

16 March 2008A Palestinian shouts as he helps to carry the body of Islamic Jihad militant Mohammed al-Shair during his funeral in the southern Gaza Strip March 16, 2008. Al-Shair was among three Palestinian militants killed by Israel's air force's missile strike in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday, hospital officials said. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

Same photographer. Same subject. And I haven't even gone back more than a month in the photo archives.

Could this be this yet another case where the wire services selectively ignore the insincerity of the subject's repetitive emotions, and try to present him to the reader as if he has something legitimate to say?

I'd show you the pictures here, but you know the deal. Be sure to click on the links up above while you can.

Update: Okay, I guess this means it's my turn to borrow a page from CJ's Playbook:

Throb away, ye serial funeralist!

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#1 Moron Pundit 17-Mar-2008
The way that guy is posed reminds me of the Techno Viking. I wish I had the talent to make a video showing what I mean.
#2 Doda McCheesle 17-Mar-2008
Hey! It could be Rage Boy's cousin-

The Techno-Rager!
#3 dm60462 17-Mar-2008
Professional mourner?
#4 captainfish 18-Mar-2008
This is from the same incident.
Same rally.

Note the picture where he is wearing a sweater. Look at his undershirt. Long-sleeved blue shirt.

Now next photo has the same long-sleeved blue shirt.
Also, the guy his is happily holding hands with is the same person.

Just rehashed images to continually promote the photogs ideology and the AP's willingness to push terrorism.
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