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Human Shields Illustrated

For the record: When you hear me say "Palestinians use their children as human shields," this is what I am referring to. From the caption:

Palestinian Hamas militants take cover during an Israeli military operation in the east of al Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, 20 December 2007. EPA/ALI ALI

If the boy in this picture were to have been accidentally killed, either by the IDF or by the careless fire of the terrorists themselves, who do you think the international press would have blamed for it?

Probably not his parents.

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#1 Yishai 17-Mar-2008
Heh. Look closely at the boy's camo vest!

Is that a patch of his true heroes?

*Army Strong!*
#2 captainfish 18-Mar-2008
In the now infamous words of Obama's hero and pastor, "G*d D**n America!"

I have, and will continue to be, whole-heartedly opposed to the USA giving billions of dollars and goods like rifles, gear and bullet proof vests to terrorists like the Pallies.

I like the title to this picture too.., "MIDEAST PALESTINIAN ISRAEL FUNERAL"

what did that have to do with the description?

Also, where else are palestinians located if not on Israeli lands? MidEast?!?!?

Is this the terrorists version of Take Your Kid to Work Day?
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