The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Ye Big Announcement!

This website has been operating in a pretty degraded-looking form for the past few weeks, due to the recent situation. Thanks to a valiant effort by a friend of the blog, we have to suffer no longer.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the all-new Snapped Shot.

Goodbye with the old. "Helloooo, nurse" to the new!

This is still a blog about photojournalism. But, since we're stuck in (mostly) text-mode for the indefinite future, things will at least be a little bit more readable, thanks to the new theme.

Many thanks to JD at HybridRadio for the spiffy new design. JD and HR do amazing work with graphic design, so if you have any particular graphical needs, be sure to drop them a line.
Thanks also to Charles Johnson for suggesting the excellent jQuery framework, which you can see in action over on the right-hand side of your screen. Click on the sidebar headings to expand/collapse whichever content you're interested in. This activates the super-not-so-secret Accordion plugin. Those interactive menus are one line of code, incidentally. (I hear it's a Zionist plot! ;) )

And a big "thank you" as well to Kevin of Toast (Blogagog) for the previous incarnation of the site's "favicon", which has served this blog very well up until now! I may be hiding the icon somewhere in the new theme, so keep your eyes peeled for any "Easter Eggs" that may pop up in the future.

As always, if you run into problems with the new theme, please post them to the Comments section here. It's been tested in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer (6 and 7), and seems to be working okay so far for us, but if you run into problems (the proverbial MMV), we'll do our best to get them ironed out!

I'm hearing that things may look a bit "odd" in IE7. If that's the case, my apologies in advance. We'll get that squared away pronto. :)

Okay, the IE7 bugs are fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience, y'all!



#1 LeCoqFou 17-Mar-2008
Pour la première fois que je suis impressionné par votre site web pathétique.
#2 Sonjay Dutt 17-Mar-2008
Mmmm, scrumptulescent!
#3 desertdweller 17-Mar-2008
Very photogenic!
#4 Scott 17-Mar-2008
Great look! Outstanding look! Good job to all involved.
#5 saint 20-Mar-2008
Very nice. Very good. Very professional and easy on the ey.
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