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Let's Play: Is It News?

This is an exciting new game—One which the Associated (w/t) Press probably does not want us to play while our parents are away.

A couple of photos were run on their service today of a man who was "planning" to execute a dastardly act of "civil disobedience." And, for all of his plans, he's hoping to risk "arrest." The AP photographer puts it thusly:

Jim Barron, 80, says he plans to risk arrest Wednesday, March 19, 2008 by engaging in an act of civil disobedience to protest the 5th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Barron, seen here during an interview at his home in New Haven, Conn., Thursday, March 13, 2008, says although he has participated an several protests he has never been arrested. (AP Photo/Bob Child)

You know, in a striking parallel, I'm sitting here thinking about engaging in an act of violating the AP's copyright.* It could be today, it could be next week. But I'm sitting here thinking about doing it.

Does that make my present non-actions newsworthy? Hardly.

So why, then, does the AP feel so compelled to spend time treating Mr. Barron's as yet uncompleted actions as if they were newsworthy?

Could it be that the AP editorial desk is trying to sell you on a viewpoint, rather than simply reporting the news that the "Press" is supposed to be reporting?

Feel free to chime in in the comments, if you're playing along at home.

* Disclaimer: Have no fear, AP legal staff—I have absolutely no intention of doing any such thing, and still treat your copyright with the sanctity it deserves. I am merely describing the hypothetical thought of doing so in an effort to illustrate the sheer ridiculousness of your wire's editorial actions with respect to Jim Barron's as-of-yet non-news.

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#1 anonymous 17-Mar-2008
the new look-and-feel is great! but not so much in IE7 (just fyi), but that's ok, because i normally use a standards-compliant web browser! (firefox 3 beta 4)

on a somewhat unrelated note, here's an article about software to detect photshops:
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Mar-2008
Haha! Sorry about the IE7 problems—I need to find a system that has it installed so I can get it fixed and tested out. :)

Thanks for the article! (I'll see if I can get something written up about it as soon as I get a chance :) )

#3 mikep 18-Mar-2008
preemptive news?
preventive news?
The Bush Doctrine of news coverage?

#4 captainfish 18-Mar-2008
Like the new layout.

And you are correct. Newswires always try to MAKE news instead of just reporting it.

How else can you explain vast amount of news stories about news stories and poll results.

How about finding some Christians who are being persecuted for their faiths? How about finding Iraqi Christians who are being harassed and persecuted for being Christian in predominately muslim lands? How about the good things that have come from battling in Iraq and Afghanistan? How about a big news story of the vast number of attacks that have been stopped? How about how this man could be down at the local VA Hospital helping those he seems to care about?
#5 MJ 19-Mar-2008
Maybe if I plan to hurt some people (preferably some ones who need hurting) they will take my picture.
#6 reland1 22-Mar-2008
I came over from MM'site, and have been following your "word" pictures and playing the "Is It News" game. You are very imaginative and about if we SEARCH for "Is It News" stories...submit them to you, and send you links for the pictures...until you get your AP BS straightened out? It would be FUN!
Of course, I'm a 65yo granma with lots of time on my hands...wanta try it?
#7 reland1 22-Mar-2008
IS IT NEWS?;_ylt=ApbloSq9XvFnyKLi9IFlIuGYWMcF
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 22-Mar-2008

Thanks for the kind words! I like all of your entries so far—Feel free to e-mail more to me anytime, if you want. I'd be delighted to use the strangest entries you can find to kick off a regular "Is It News?" feature! :)

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