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Harry's War

There was an excellent movie by this title way back in 1981 about a man who had the audacity to go to war with the IRS.

Apparently, it has inspired a few people in the ever-thoughtful anti-war Left. And unfortunately for them, they stand as little a chance of victory against the Service as our poor Harry did.

It sure makes for a good early-morning, middle-of-the-week laugh, though!

Thoughtful. Yeah..... good luck with that, dude.

Update: It's the moment we've all been waiting for—The traditional creepy puppet show. I could swear I've seen that Condoleeza Rice puppet before... I'm thinking it was here, but can't be sure for hopefully obvious reasons.



#1 Kevin 19-Mar-2008
Brilliant stuff.

It's like Obama's book, "The Audacity of Go to War with the IRS".
#2 captainfish 22-Mar-2008

What does the War Protest have to do with Protesting the IRS, or even AT the IRS?!?!?!

Well, nothing ever, ever pointed to the fact that these people have any sense or intelligence at all.
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