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BVBL Responsible for Illegal Alien Murderer?

Who would've known that Greg of BVBL fame was responsible for inciting muuuurder? (Spoken in by best Quincy, M.E. voice, which isn't really very good. That's why I stick to typing, folks!)

Paradox13VA of Loudoun Today writes a touching sob-story about how we dastardly conservatives are ultimately responsible for the murder of a (legal) resident from El Salvador by an (illegal) resident from Mexico:

The hispanic community in America, and here in Loudoun, has been under siege for a while. The 2007 elections saw appeals to baseless fear of the "other" who does not look or talk like us. Our neighbors to the south in Prince William are busy wasting what little money is in the county coffers hunting for people whose only crime is seeking a better life for their families (the very same thing that brought the vast majority of new people to Loudoun over the past twenty years).

I can't wait for the fireworks to ensue over at Greg's pad. Delicious irony, here we come!

Incidentally, I've visited Russia before, and as an American, I felt quite accepted over there. I don't know what Paradox's problem is.

In other news, it looks like my arch-nemesis just can't get over the fact that his pick is in trouble.

Not that Terry's my arch-nemesis or anything.

Boo fricking hoo.

(Incidentally, keep an eye on that shifty Burger King. He's up to no good, I tell ya!)



#1 Terry Carter 19-Mar-2008
My post had absolutely nothing to do with Barack Obama. It has to do with the fact that too much of America still hasn't learned it's lesson regarding Republicans and ignorance. ;-)
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