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Good Grief

The caption says it all:

Gaza mural : Palestinian children paint a mural [Ed.:—Of gravestones, incidentally.] in Gaza City as part of a demonstration organised by the pro-Hamas National Commission for Child Protection from the Holocaust. (AFP/Mehdi Fedouach)

No word on where the National Commission for the Burger Protection from the Hamburgler is on their mural. As far as preventing Child Holocaust, I'd recommend that this pro-Hamas group actually condemn the endangerment of children once in a while.

Of course, being a terrorist-affiliated group, they won't. It takes a village, and all.

Side note—Since this is an AFP photo, this URL should stick around for a while.

And, as always, if you want to purchase this print for your own use (who doesn't want some sick terrorist propaganda hanging on their office wall?), I encourage you to use GettyImages.

This recommendation has nothing at all to do with the fact that AFP/Getty is one of the biggest competitors for those other guys.

Nope, not one iota.

  #Human Shields


#1 captainfish 22-Mar-2008
Isn't it Ironic that this organization that is bent on protecting children from the Holocaust, that killed Jews, is actually pro-Hamas... An organization that is bent on killing Jews?

so, this pro-hamas group, which I bet my non-existant house on is in fact a U.N. funded org, is trying to protect terrorist's children from the movement that killed Jews around 70 years ago?

The image prior: "Destroyed house : Belongings of a Palestinian family are seen outside their house as an Israeli army bulldozer demolishes it, south of the West Bank town of Hebron. The house was built without construction permission." very indicative of the media how they portray incidents.
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