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And the world goes dark

Today was "Earth Hour" today (figure that one out). This was the day that for one hour, everyone was to turn out their lights to protect the world from GLOBAL WARMING.

The environmental group WWF urged governments, businesses and households to turn back to candle power for at least 60 minutes Saturday starting at 8 p.m. wherever they were. Several U.S. cities including Chicago and Atlanta participated and symbolic darkouts or dimmings of monuments.

So, this world-wide man-made global-saving event was participated by only a few cities in America. Nice. But, did those city's efforts make any difference you ask? Let us see.If you take a look at this image from the site to not be named on this fine site (Brian's harsh rules), you can see how the city of Chicago participated by dimming the lights of the Sears Tower. ummm.. yeah. It would appear that maybe only those people who left for the day turned out their lights. Wonder how different this is from an ordinary Saturday in the Chi-town?

Ok, you say, wow, that is a change. But, could this image be cropped? Nay you say. Well, the image is from (beep). So, lets take a look at the very next image in that scroll. Hmmm, would appear that the entire city is still brightly lit up with that global warming producing electricity.

The funny thing is, that despite their efforts, the same amount of electricity was produced during their fine earth saving ventures. If the only thing they did was probably to lower the cost of electricity for that hour. Please tell me how turning off a light bulb here or there saves the planet?

Now, you say, well, the city does look darker. Well, you could be right. But then, you would not suspect the (burp) of altering photos would you? Naaaahhhh. Check out the very next image here. Take note the change in lights. Yes, the Sears Tower turned on its spirals, but.... take note of the darkness of the sky. Did it actually get lighter by 9pm, one hour AFTER turning the lights off?

The only difference I can see from BEFORE and AFTER was all the lights ON TOP of the skyscrapers were turned off.



#1 Cletus 30-Mar-2008
Shit I played Rise of Nations right through Earth Hour. Sorry, earth! My bad!
#2 DMartyr 30-Mar-2008
I was watching Hannah Montana... Is that okay?
#3 Cletus 30-Mar-2008
Did anybody hear about those teenage kids who were planning on hijacking a plane and flying it into a hannah montana concert? They were arrested on the plane and they had duct tape and rope and other heat stuff on them
#4 captainfish 31-Mar-2008
at least they did not have incandescent bulbs on their persons. that would have been instant death penalty.
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