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Reporters Being Honest

... by openly admitting that they are biased in their coverage of events in the Middle East.

On the one hand, I always approve of our news agencies acting transparently and admitting things honestly. Yet, on the other, I'm not so sure that our media should really be in the business of "making a difference."

After all, isn't the standard-issue excuse we have gotten for the past 30 years of media anti-Westernism that somehow, they must "remain impartial" when reporting events, so as to be able to tell the story "from a neutral viewpoint?"

Yeah. "Neutral" works just fine for them, so long as you define it to mean "supporting terrorism."

See The Elder's coverage for details. Money quote:

Can you imagine a statement from any international agency professing support for the "Zionist cause" the way that these supposedly objective journalists explicitly support the "Palestinian cause?"



#1 Cletus 26-Mar-2008
shit like this:

"“We're going to kick it off man. We're here to get the rewards of everybody that's come after us,” the speaker said. “God willing if we don't get a victory, God willing our kids will get it. If not them, then five generations down somebody will get it …”

He told the group their hearts must stay with the training camp, even when they returned to their jobs, families and schools. “You go back, you're living with society and you have to put on that face, you know, that we're a bunch of peace lovers,” he said. The transcript indicates there was laughter in the tent.

He continued: “So although our bodies will be with the non-believers roaming around going to work, trying to get money, sucking up to your boss and this and that ... [But] our mission is greater. Whether we get arrested, whether we get killed, whether we get tortured, our mission is greater than just individuals.”

Then, describing North America as a fortress designed to keep out Muslims, he pointed out that his group was already inside. “Here we are. We entered your lands, we already started striking cause you know what, this training is striking at them!”"

makes it necessary to deport muslims. These guys admit they are practicing taqqiya, we can't trust these people in our countries, we never know if they are sincerely peaceful or not
#2 captainfish 26-Mar-2008
I love Elder's site. He uses FACTS to make his points. I sure hope he writes his history of Palestine real soon. He has made many of his chapters available on his site and they are fascinating reading.

Noticed at the bottom of that post... that Israel is also a member of that Photog union. Typical of Israel. Killing itself. Put secular socialist in charge of anything and they will destroy it. Look at Russia, Cuba, N. Korea (tho he thinks he is a god). Look at who USA has to vote for this next election. Two socialists who would do anything to kill america by destroying its economy and its workplaces.
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