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Gubernatorial Comment Moderation

It would appear that our neighbourly State to the North (you know—the one on the insane "reality-challenged" side of the Potomac) has executed what could possibly be the best anti-comment spam policy in existence:

Walter C. Abbott Jr, a hardworking drywall installer that makes $22,000 a year working for subcontractors, has been complaining to Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley for quite awhile that illegal aliens are driving him out of business. Normally he would send an email or send the message through the governors contact form on his website. Abbott always gave his true name, address and telephone number.

He never heard a response from the governor other than typical form letters. So in utter frustration at lack of action on cracking down on illegal immigration and ending the attack on his livelihood, Abbott took a further step in the last comment he sent to the governor and stated that he wanted to strangle him for not dealing with the problem.

Well that certainly got a response. As the governor's security detail showed up at Abbott's home and arrested him on charges of threatening the governor. He was put in jail and is being held on $2 Million bail. That's right, $2 million bail. More than most multiple murderers receive and as anyone knows who reads this site and follows illegal immigration, much more than most violent illegal aliens and drug smugglers receive who pose a flight risk.

That settles it—From this point on, if any of you leave spam comments here at Snapped Shot, you can expect to hear from our security detail promptly.

'Course, not being the governor, "promptly" might not be all that prompt. Ah, the perks of being at the top of the totem pole!



#1 captainfish 26-Mar-2008
Power has its perks. Incumbent protection. You can't say anything bad about the government as long as they can control the law enforcers.

Constitution was designed so that common men could rise up and take a tyrannical-like government out when it attempts to usurp man's rights. But, can you theorize what would happen if a group of people took over a state's house? Or if a state tried to secedes from the union?? Can even all armed civilian men who rise up defeat our national army with all its technology and weapons?
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