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Leftists Copying Leftists

Seriously, I'm torn as to which side I should take in this matter. Leftists accusing "unoriginal" leftist of artistic plagiarism, of artwork that was ostensively created "for the people" to use.

Incidentally, I'd imagine that the authors of this "Art for a Change" (sigh, there's that word again) article would be somewhat less than pleased with the People's Cube—though, as far as I can tell, the Cube's work is clearly a parody of the "iconic" leftist art that all of this hand-wringing is over, and to me, that's a whole lot more poignant than Fairey's work.

But hey, I'm an evil conservative. What'd you expect me to say?

(h/t Friedman Advocates of the aptly-named "What Is Fair Use?" blog)



#1 captainfish 26-Mar-2008
is it really copyright to copy and manipulate an image from within a movie? If the set director creates posters, fake newspapers, etc for a movie and I take that image,... is that copyright infringement?

If a kid makes a chalk outlinedesign on a sidewalk and puts it on Youtube(tm), is it copyright infringement if someone who views that video uses a form of that image somewhere else?
#2 Rooster 26-Mar-2008
It's 2008.. everything has been done. At this point everything is plagiarism.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 26-Mar-2008
... uhh, Rooster? You feeling alright?

I believe that's the very first [i]poignant[/i] point you've ever made over here!

Good to see the [i]other[/i] side of Rooster!! ;)

#4 Anonymous 27-Mar-2008
Mark Vallen is a Hack.

#5 captainfish 27-Mar-2008
Yeah, that was rather... informative.

He must have upped his Ritalin dosage.
hehehee jk
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