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Fingers in the Dyke?

(No pun intended in the headline, of course. We only do single-entendre jokes over this way.)

It would seem that the Dutch have finally started to figure out the severity of their current situation. It remains to be seen as to whether or not they have the political will to fix their immigration woes (and the resulting cultural problems).

Here's a little bonus nugget, buried a few paragraphs down in the article. The author refers to this fact as "remarkable," but anyone even remotely aware of the "blame-whitey-first" political correctness that is so firmly entrenched in Western academia can tell you, this is the only possible outcome of such an illiberal education:

Also remarkable is the self-criticism on the Netherlands' slavery past. Only 21 percent correctly gave the Netherlands a 5 percent share in the world slave trade; the rest estimated a higher share. The researchers attribute the overestimating to a feeling of shame, born of structural and years-long media attention for the dark sides of the dominant role the Netherlands played in the world in the 17th century.

Ignorance, as we all know, is not bliss. But, on the other hand, neither is inflating one's historical "sins" in an effort to "appease" the new P.C. commissars.

(h/t knighthawk)Update: LOL! Rooster's mighty quick with the parody here—

"You lookin' at me, Pilgrim?"



#1 Rooster 27-Mar-2008
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