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Family WatchDog - A Website Every Parent Should Know

Family WatchDog
Straying a bit from the usual blog content, but I thought this information is important to know...

This is a link every parent should have bookmarked. The Family WatchDog is a national sex offender registry. It has a search engine that will display all known sex offenders on a localized map. Just type in a nearby street, your city and zip code. You'll be surprised at how many live near you.

It also has an option to search by names, so you can check on people who may have contact with your children.

Go explore the site and, if you have children, consider using some of the great features the organization offers, such as free notification when a sex offender moves into your area.



#1 Cletus 01-Apr-2008
we need one of these in Canada
#2 Donkeyrock 02-Apr-2008
I'm not worried about sex offenders, I want to know where the life offender registry is (murderers), and the property offender registry (burglars). What about the anti-social activity registry (gang members)? Any of these?
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