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The Irony is Not Lost On Me

Protesters in Indonesia are swearing death upon Geert Wilders:

His crime?

A hardline Muslim youth stands near posters featuring Geert Wilders during a rally outside the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta April 1, 2008. Indonesia's president urged his predominantly Muslim nation on Monday not to use violence in protests at a film on Islam by right-wing Dutch lawmaker Wilders, and said world leaders had a moral responsibility to take action. The posters read, "Death sentence for insulting Islam". REUTERS/Beawiharta (INDONESIA)

In other words, having the audacity to suggest that Islam is violent.

Who would've thunk it?

Update: LOL. Why am I suddenly reminded of a certain other celebrity here?



#1 DMartyr 02-Apr-2008
Would someone please explain to me *why* muslims are so violent? What is it about the "religion of peace" that makes its followers so blood-thirsty and savage?
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Apr-2008
It's not that "Muslims" are violent. I've known and befriended plenty of [i]non-[/i]violent Muslims.

There [i]is[/i] a significant population that espouses a more radical [i]Islamist[/i] policy towards the world. And these people do directly promote using violence to spread the [i]political rule[/i] of Islam over the world.

The biggest problem I have is that "mainstream," "moderate" Muslims have a tendency to [i]excuse[/i] violence committed in the name of Islam, rather than trying to root out the malcontents who are causing so many problems. Most of my Muslim friends, for instance, had a tendency to go [i]completely[/i] and totally batty whenever the topic of conversation drifted towards the Israeli question, or back in the day, towards the rule of Saddam Hussein. Their big sticking point seemed to be a sort of insecurity‚ÄĒnamely, a complete inability to question the leader of [i]any[/i] Muslim country, no matter how despotic.

Anyway, it's tragic that the world is so full of [i]fricking children[/i] that we can't stand up like adults and put these [i]violent[/i] bullies back in their place. May the reign of [i]God-fearing[/i] grownups return someday to this planet.

#3 neal5x5 02-Apr-2008
I'd feel a lot better about the non-violent muslims if I could somehow differentiate between them and the violent ones before they cut my head off, run a plane into a building, etc. Maybe if they'd stand up and point out the violent ones, things would be a lot easier. Just because somebody is a "brother" in your religion doesn't mean that he's not a psychopathic killer.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Apr-2008
Amen to that, Neal!

#5 DMartyr 03-Apr-2008
I agree with you, Brian, to a point. A year ago, it would have been 100%.

But as I've learned more and more about Islam, some things become evident. First, to understand Islam, as Robert Spencer said, we must know the truth about Muhammad. The quran specifically states that Muhammad is the perfect example for all muslims to follow (33:21). As most logical thinking people are starting to realize, Muhammad was not a man of peace and compassion, but rather an intolerant, abusive bigot. Ayaan Hirsi Ali once said, "Do you think it strange that there is a Saddam Hussein? Muhammad is his example. Muhammad is an example for all Muslim men. Do you think it strange that so many Muslim men are violent?"

At the same time, the quran condemns muslims who have disbelieving friends, except by way of deceit. It also warns muslims to defend each other, especially against disbelievers. A muslims, according to Muhammad, will go to hell for siding with a non-muslim over a muslim. The often quoted surah 5:32, which forbids murder, is referring to muslims only. 5:33 explains how non-muslims should be treated (disbelief is considered 'mischief').

Well, I answered my own question. I guess what I really meant is, why do so many people, many who must have some intelligence and common decency, embrace such a hate filled religion?
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