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Comments Here: Still Wiiiiide Open

This li'l guy has something to say.
I know I'm continuing to invite the site for abuse, but I don't like the idea of locking down comments like my highly respected associates have done. Those guys have their reasons for doing so, but I don't know if it's really the best way to encourage open and honest dialogue.

How can we talk to each other, if those of you with strong opinions on either side of the discussion are shut out from the debate?

Those of you who hate this site should be able to challenge anything posted here, and those of you who have strong and potentially "hateful" feelings about certain subjects of our discussion should be able to speak out equally as freely. I'm not one to close down the modern-day bulletin board of discussion over here, if I can help it.

Is some of what's written in the comments section here "hateful?" You betcha.

But I would assume that you, the reader are smart enough to know what's "reasonable" and what's hyperbole.

And sure, we have gotten some comments here that are well over "the" line on occasion, but I think I've made it pretty clear that the views of those who comment here do not necessarily reflect the views of Snapped Shot, have I not?

Anyway, I hope that this policy will continue to serve until this blog starts getting 5,000 comments a day. Which means that y'all have some serious catching up to do!


And just so I'm clear, this site will continue to at least attempt to edit and moderate comments for content, when possible. I'd like to keep this blog as family-friendly as possible, so the language you use might be edited to ensure that we don't end up on any Internet filters, but otherwise I try as hard as I can not to censor your commentary.

Also, death threats and other forms of direct verbal abuse or personal threats will continue to be summarily deleted, and the IP it came from will be banned if such activities persist. And if the offending comment is severe enough to warrant the intervention of your local law enforcement agency, rest assured that it will be passed on to them for review.

Other than that, feel free to consider our Comments form as open for business as ever.... Pretty please?



#1 desertdweller 03-Apr-2008
Please keep your approach to vile comments, as in:

That might keep it clean, unless a poster is both abusive AND dumb.
#2 Sir Craig 07-Aug-2008
This is actually rather funny - you invite dissenting views, but block people from getting here if they happen to click on a link on a site you deem "anti-American."

Hardly encouraging 'dissenting views' it seems...
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