The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.


British Iraq veteran wishes to fulfill childhood dream of joining Ye Olde Constables. In England, it goes without saying.

Said veteran is turned away by Ye Olde Constables for having an "inappropriate" tattoo on his arm.

What was horridly inappropriate about it?

You'll have to click over here to find out. If you suffer from high blood pressure, I'd recommend taking a few deep breaths beforehand, of course.

Ahh, Diversity:—Deleting evil Whitey Western culture, one country at a time.

(h/t IBA)



#1 Anonymous 30-Mar-2008
"We live in a diverse society and try to ensure we give everybody equality.”

Except, of course, to hard working white folk who love their country enough to put their life on the line for it, and to get it's name permanently inked on his person.

Equality isn't for patriots, it's for the people who hate us.
#2 captainfish 31-Mar-2008
he has a tattoo that barely reads England in a country called England and the English constables think his working for him might upset those people in England???

ummm... I guess it is time to just get rid of their national flag too and stop calling themselves English. Time to just switch to the Muslim Isles and just admit the truth.
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