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Brian is Also Teh Christian Terroris !!!

Heh, it would seem that the rageocity has spread to Indonesia, the self-proclaimed "most-populous Muslim state."

Fresh from the wires is this little declaration of joy. I couldn't possibly hope to put his deep and well-considered position to words, so if you would allow me, I'll just quote this paragon of thought directly below:


Words of wisdom, folks. Words of wisdom. Peaceful wisdom, at that.

As an aside, these guys look like the same people that came out for the anti-Rushdie day of rage, and for the anti-Israel day of rage, and for the anti-Annapolis day of rage—but without being able to show you the pictures, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Never underestimate the media's power of laziness when it comes to showing the same set of protesters time and time again.

Hmm, there is one other thing worth mentioning here. Consider the following caption, which is typical of those sent across from this event:

A member of a hardline Islamic group attends an anti-Dutch protest in front of the Dutch embassy Monday March 31, 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Scores of police stood guard as about 40 demonstrators from a hardline Muslim group called for the death of a Dutch legislator for producing a film critical of their faith at a protest Monday in the Indonesian capital.(AP Photo/Ed Wray)

It took millions of dollars in Western technological development to bring about the Associated Press and all of the other related wire services.

And now, after all of this advanced technological development, said services have been reduced to transmitting photographs of a group that is a small fraction the size of a small church congregation here in the States.

I guess this is that "progress" my left-leaning friends are always harping about.



#1 DMartyr 31-Mar-2008
Billy Graham is also a TERRORIS !!

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