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Bread and Circuses

... plus a bonus Rageman sighting.

This video illustrates Israel's incredible patience with regularly-scheduled malcontents better than anything I could possibly hope to write:

Some observations, beyond the fold:* Notice the barrels full of what appear to be rubber bullets and empty gas canisters at the beginning of the video?

Yes, these people have been doing this for quite some time now.

* Watch how carefully-coordinated all of the action is. Our Rageman, in the yellow-striped shirt, seems to be one of the biggest ringleaders of this entire theatre faux outrage.

He's certainly the loudest, if nothing else.

* Fast forward to 04:31 to see an especially ironic twist—Rageman calls the people to march forward down a forbidden path, and like mindless dullards, they follow.

The IDF responds in kind, after which the crowd tries a different track.

"No problem, come on, come on," our Rageman orders.

* Genuine hilarity at 05:45, when a videographer manages to find his way in front of an incoming gas canister.

Notice how loudly Rageman doth protest at what I can only imagine is Israel's heartless police brutality, much the same way that I imagine that Rodney King did at the Los Angeles Police Department.

After, of course, leading the crowd (of useful idiots) directly into the line of fire, it goes without saying.

* Finally, notice how many cameras are present. If it weren't for all of these cameras, do you honestly think that our Rageman would even bother to keep hosting this regular circus?

After all, the best way to deal with a bully has always been to ignore them, has it not?

Many thanks to Erik W. for sending this little gem in!

  #Human Shields

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