The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Happy Monday Evening, Y'all!

Useful lessons for dealing with the widespread Global Warming problem, courtesy someone other than Al Gore:

And to think, I'm missing out on a fascinating lecture about digital design to watch this hilarity. 'Course, that means I have absolutely no idea if there's a language warning here or not, as I've got "El Computador" [sic, duh] on mute. Proceed at your own risk, yo.

Oh yeah, the lesson: In case you don't click over to read the headline at Break, the lesson to be learned here is that it is always prudent to defrost one's windshield before one proceeds to take a little drive.

'Course, this could always be staged, but not being able to hear the audio of these (presumed) students' (alleged) acting abilities, I'm not in any position to say either way. Hopefully it's amusing, either way!


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