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Fitna (Update 3)

LiveLeak is reporting Geert Wilders has removed the Fitna film in order to make some edits. If you click over to LiveLeak, you get this message instead of the video:

This media item has been removed by the uploader!

Reason from user 'Geert_Wilders': "deleted due to copyright issues...will upload edited version shortly..."

As of this morning, the embedded video still plays if you want to watch it:



#1 Kevin 01-Apr-2008
I put a copy of the english version on google video. I hope someone explains the copyright issue so I can delete it if need be.
#2 DMartyr 01-Apr-2008
The cartoonist who drew the Muhammed with a bomb turban threatened to sue Geert. Geert is re-editing to remove that cartoon.

I haven't seen or read anything requesting that current copies be removed.

I'd leave it up until the new version comes out. :)
#3 Nigel 02-Apr-2008
Gee Brian...I don't remember any images from the AP in Geert's film.
#4 Stogie 02-Apr-2008
There are six download links to Fitna at my blog if anyone wants to see it. I also have a copy with French subtitles there.
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