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Fitna: Second Edition

Geert Wilders has put the finishing touches on his updated, more copyright-compliant Fitna. The handful of you out there who haven't seen it yet can check it out below [Content warning—Violence not ordinarily shown in the news.]:

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#1 Rooster 09-Apr-2008
Really? Another Fitna post? Give it a rest.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 09-Apr-2008
Rooster, if I could [i]double[/i]-sticky this post just to annoy you, I would.


#3 WhackaDhimmi 09-Apr-2008
I like the new Motoon better than the old one.
#4 adamantine 09-Apr-2008 Mr. Geert Wilders, it's alright to despise something, what is not alright is to provoke other people to despise it too
#5 WhackaDhimmi 09-Apr-2008
adamantine, what could be wrong with exposing the Islamist's own association between terrorism and the Koran? There are MANY videos of Islamists doing this themselves. Mr. Wilders' movie could have just as easily been produced by Wahhabist fundamentalists. But then it wouldn't be so notable.
#6 Movie watch..(this one has a bad comment) 20-May-2008
*YAwwn* that was like..the most boring movie ever..I don't hope they make a sequel..XD oh yes and mr. Wilders..please get a little realistic about our multicultural society..and the misic made me sleep boring..
#7 Imposing Snail 26-May-2008
This kind of reaction is just what the extremists want. If west start accusing every Muslim that they're terrorists and don't deserve to live in "our countries", then the Muslims are bound to start to think that maybe these power hungry lunatics are onto something.

It's not the ideology of Islamic that needs defeating, it's the people who are using it to convince other people to blow themselves up in the name of it who need sorting out.

Am I the only one who sees parallels in "Islam once ruled the world and our way of life will do it again" and "we have defeated Fascism, Communism and The Muppets, and we must do it again"?
#8 Muhmmad Yousaf 31-May-2008
I didn't watch this clip because i am sure this is something wrong about Islam and being a Muslim i cannot see or listen anything wrong about Islam as i know that the people who don't know about Islam and don't wanna know about Islam are trying to malign Islam.I pray to Allah to show them the right path.
#9 daniels 01-Jun-2008
Geert Wilders is fuckin prick !
I'm a Christian, and I think all muslim are our friends too.

I think Geert Wilders is a ATHEIST! Who dont like both Christian & Islam.
#10 Rich2Ware 08-Jun-2008
Daniels, you are an idiot. Muhmmad, nice try, but if you were muslim, you wouldn't be visiting this site to begin with. Imposing Snail, I actually thought you were on to something and then you equate terrorism to the Muppets. And you, Movie watch, you are falling right into the trap. Islam wants you to have that attitude to make it easy for them to shread your multicultural society. Islam won't stop until you and I and all other non-muslims are dead. I am determined to not let that happen.
#11 Aisha M. 16-Jun-2008
Thank you for posting this video. I left Islam a few years ago after my family migrated to America - the greatest country. I had to leave home because my mother warned me that my father was going to do something very terrible to me. To this day, she will not tell me what his plans were. I call my mother now or meet her away from their home. It is bad I know, but now I am FREE to live as I wish without fear of an evil Islamic god who would wished me dead for leaving Islam. Thanks to all you have helped me start my new life, my life of FREEDOM.
#12 Jonathan Peterson 22-Oct-2009
This is not directed to all muslims, just the ones that have misinterpreted their religion.

"They hit two of our towers, so we hit two of their countries. Dont mess with the US of A or we'll put a boot in your ass, its the American way."

-Jonathan Peterson
#13 mariam 26-Oct-2009
I think ppl who fake stuff about islam r stupid !! cuz islam is a religion from god, just lyk christianity. and who ever makes fun of islam or any other religion are bias, and have no life! Islam is a very peaceful religion. well take a look at palestine ppl. millions of ppl r dying and no one is doing anything about it. this video was photoshoped i can see!! and there is a mix of shiaa and sunni. shiaa r wrong and the guy who made this video does not know sunni and shiaa. dude, go learn then cum back !! =)
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