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Government of the Dictatoriat

If this is the form of unaccountable government that New Mexicans prefer, then more power to 'em:

The New Mexico Human Rights court [Ed.:—Should read "Commission," not "court."] sentenced Christian photographer Elaine Huguenin a fine of $6,637.94 for refusing to photograph a gay commitment ceremony.

Apparently, artists in that State will now be required—by this wholly unaccountable State Commission—to create artistic works regardless of their own personal beliefs.

What the heck happened to the timeless liberal notion of "Keep your laws off my body," anyway?

Perhaps it's been updated for the modern age.

"Smack 'dem laws down on my mind."



#1 captainfish 13-Apr-2008
I think it is time to go to a Vegetarian photographer and ask them to take nice sweet pictures of a butcher shop.

If they say no, then we got em.

This is so full of BS. Every business has the right to refuse service for any reason. Sounds like a time to impeach a council and close it down. When a council is supposed to promote peace and equality, but spends its time harassing and attacking a certain part of society, then it should be cleansed.
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