The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Rage Boy Sighting!

It's a parody, so I'm comfortable taking liberties with it:

We're all gonna die, man!

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#1 William Teach 13-Apr-2008
You're more then welcome to it, Brian. The best photo's are the ones that get passed around.
#2 captainfish 13-Apr-2008
William, great summation.

I have even heard of a report that says we are on a downward decline in temps over just last few years.

You know, I thought that the bad things about cars was the sulfides that the exhaust produced. Now it is the air we exhale? Hmm,, guess it is time to start euthenizing people for the sake of the planet. I say we start with the people who blow out the most air... politicians. We can start with the socialist and marxist ones, and then we can retest their theories after that to see if we need to continue with the centrists and "RINOS -righties in name only".

Wonder how many would still continue to take their liberal stands knowing their lives are on the line for every anti-american law and policy they make?

Time we take this country back from the socialists and RINOS. (how can you be a republican and vote against prisons and vote for higher taxesudgets)
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