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Absolut-ly Insulting

The marketing agency responsible for this ad has offered an explanation for the campaign. Be sure to read it, and to see my little parody of said explanation, over this way.

If any of y'all drink Absolut vodka, you might want to consider finding a better brand. Or at the very least, one that doesn't dabble in foreign policy:

... alcohol producers would stay out of international politics!



#1 gls 02-Apr-2008
Is this prescriptive or descriptive? If it's the former, it's insulting; if it's the latter, it's simply tragic reality.
#2 Snippet 02-Apr-2008
The Absolut-ists seem to have calculated that Mexicans are more likely to get addicted to their product than Americans.

I'm flattered as all get out.
#3 mikep 02-Apr-2008
eh, maybe the folks at absolute think we ought to give Mexico the other 15 million. i dunno. (we offered'em 30 before the war, 15 after we beat'em).

treaty description
#4 LK 02-Apr-2008
I'm an alcoholic who drinks between 2 to 3 bottles of Vodka per week. Up until today that comprised of 2 bottle of Absolut blue label (40%), and one of Smirnoff blue label (43%). I stick with Absolut coz it doesnt have as strong a hangover as Smirnoff, but Smirnoff blue gets me drunk quicker.

After today I will never buy another bottle of Absolut again, unless I hear that the person who made the decision to use this idea is SACKED, and the company issues a formal apology to the American people.

I will stick to Smirnoff or Skye from now on.

That`s 100+ bottles per year - just from ONE PERSON - that you will never sell again.
#5 DMartyr 03-Apr-2008
Absolut Disgust.
#6 ifonlymccainhadwon 03-Apr-2008
Lighten up people. The ad was in Spanish and was obviously directed at the Mexican market who I am sure got a good laugh out of it. Let's not start boycotting cause we don't get the joke. Lose the "they're either with us or against us" attitude
#7 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Apr-2008

Dang, and here I was getting all ready to burn my Calderón effigy. I guess I'll have to stick it in the shed for next time.

In all seriousness, I understand that this is in all probability a joke, but don't you think there's a bit of a double standard here? I mean, if a U.S. advertising agency would put a full-page ad about the Army marching on Mexico City once and for all, don't you think that would raise a [i]smidge[/i] of a protest? Maybe an ounce of condemnation from the Mexican embassy?

So why do [i]we[/i] have to put up with it when it's directed at us? I don't personally find "reconquísta" to be a mutually-respective topic, myself.

Though, on the bright side, it would mean that the country could be rid of California. [i]That[/i], I would gladly pay [i]cash dollars[/i] for.

Hopefully, my use of "humour" and "mirth" was not lost on you there.

#8 William Teach 03-Apr-2008
If I was a vodka drinker, I damned sure would never drink Absolut ever again.
#9 Jenny Bea 03-Apr-2008
We buy two-three bottles of Absolut a week. The big bottles, $35 a pop. We do alot of entertaining and just hanging out and drinking (we know alot of sailors).

I called them this morning to let them know we will never buy another bottle of Absolut again.
#10 Pirate's Cove 03-Apr-2008
On this Thirsty Thursday Linkfest, here’s something that will not satisfy your craving (via snapped shot thru Gateway Pundit from Mi Blog es tu blog)

The Pink Flamingo Bar has an alternative for Absolut to consider. (nice theme, btw!)

Do you ...
#11 jaed 03-Apr-2008
I seem to have accidentally put on my stupid hat this morning: can someone who thinks this is intended as humor explain the joke? I genuinely do not understand how it could be seen as funny, by an American or a Mexican. (Or a Swede, for that matter.)
#12 True American 03-Apr-2008
Actually, this makes me want to drink Absolut even more.
#13 Kim 03-Apr-2008
"True American" that's funny!
#14 Outside The Beltway | OTB 03-Apr-2008
Absolut Vodka has got some ‘splainin’ to do:

Laura Martínez found the ad in the print edition of Quién magazine in Mexico City and it’s going viral. Jim Hoft has picked it up, calling it an “Absolut-ly Outrageous Ad,...
#15 Rick 03-Apr-2008
I'm a white boy in California and I think it's pretty damned funny.

I also think it's funny that Mexico didn't really want Washington State.
#16 Helen 03-Apr-2008
Absolutely revolting.
Despicable and predictable, too, considering that most support for the disease of illegal immigration comes from illegal aliens themselves, ethnocentric organizations like LaRaza, and the businesses that pander to them.
I'm telling everyone I know about this and will ask them to boycott this company and all its products. They've crossed the line, literally and figuratively.
#17 mike 03-Apr-2008
When something is that insulting i can't take it as a joke. No more Absolut for me.
#18 MFA 03-Apr-2008
Hey folks; that's a map of what Mexico used to look like. In case you didn't know.

We then fought a war or two with them and with Spain; what territory we didn't take by force we bought up.

Their point is that Mexico could look like that today if things had been different.

So put the vodka back in the freezer and chill.


#19 MFA 03-Apr-2008
Here's a map of Mexico circa 1824:

History. It's cool.

#20 GitGon 03-Apr-2008
Grey Goose here I come
#21 Jeff 03-Apr-2008
I'm going home and throwing out my two bottles of Absolut.
I will never purchase their brand again. Period.
The ad campaign is 'in an absolute world'. Historically, that may have been what Mexico looked like before, but that was then and this is now. In an absolut world, Mexico would have already crumbled under the weight of their own economy and the insane amount of corruption. Their economy is reliant on the billions of dollars sent over by illegal criminal invaders, to their families, who can't support themselves by staying in mexico. The loopy left loves to ignore the fact that in Mexico, the rich get richer and the poor flee to other countries to earn a livable wage or die, all the while braying to the moonlight about the disparity of wealth in the US. Meanwhile, what happens to citizens from other countries found illegally in Mexico? They are robbed, rounded up, and shipped out. Some are beaten, some are raped, and even more are held until their families can afford to bribe the mexican immigration service into releasing them. Meanwhile, illegal mexican nationals in this country are fed, given a place to sleep, kept together in family units, and treated with dignity.
This ad is insulting to Americans, insulting to mexicans, and insulting to mexican-americans.
Screw Absolut. I'll never buy a bottle again.
#22 Mark L. Jackson 03-Apr-2008
For those idiots who think this is funny consider this: they just walked all over my family's graves and p**sed on them. My family fought and died to found Texas and you say it's not a big deal? You are a f**king idiot, then.

The idea that selling Vodka requires that you insult those who shed blood, lives. property so others could live free; is insulting. What kind of person thinks that is acceptable?

Imagine a Tequila maker from the US having an ad that showed Mexico as part of the US. How long do you think it would be before the riots started? 1, 2, 3 minutes? I dare say they would start before the ad made it to the printer.


How about we use pics of Abu Ghraib to sell pork pies? How about we use Concentration camp pics to sell Matza balls? You getting the picture yet?

#23 W. 04-Apr-2008
I am usually a big fan of this blog, been following it for quite some time. But this story, and several of the comments beneath it, are just silly and pitiful.

Don't you realize that by going to such lengths to decry what is obviously a joke with no ill intentions, you're no better than the maniacs who are boycotting all danish products because some guy in denmark drew a picture of their favourite made-up religious figure with a bomb in his turban?

Keep in mind, the company that makes Absolut Vodka probably weren't even directly involved in creating this ad. Like everyone else, they hired a PR agency. If you think the ad is in poor taste, complain to them.

In summary, I'll continue enjoying Absolut Vodka, and so should you, regardless of whether you think this is a good ad or not.
#24 Erik W 04-Apr-2008
W, you're wrong... The ad is not a joke, it's playing on the racist attitude of Mexicans to sell alcohol. It plays on the false idea that we "stole" their land and that is the source of all their problems.
To Americans it's potentially as insulting as a map of Israel with a big PALESTINE label and an Islamic star and crescent on it. "In an absolut world" indeed.
#25 Erik W 04-Apr-2008
To clarify, I meant it should be as insulting to Americans as the map of Israel would be to Israelis.

Or even better, how about a map of all of western Europe covered with a big GERMANY and scattered with swastikas? If only the damn Americans hadn't gotten involved.
#26 Rooster 04-Apr-2008
Man what an awesome ad. Love it.
#27 Greg 04-Apr-2008
God you people are uptight
Maybe you need to drink some absolut - it will loose your tight asses up
#28 The Editor 04-Apr-2008
Sounds like some people have thin skins. Kind of like many Muslims -- but at least you're not advocating murdering the ad man...
#29 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Apr-2008
The Editor,

Ha! Now you've done it!


(Kidding of course. You make a very funny point! :) )

#30 Silvio Rendon 05-Apr-2008
I took the picture shown here (see it in my blog- in Spanish El contraataque de Woody.

Then Absolutads took it to their webpage, and that is how it came to be known beyond my usual circle of readers.

I just updated my blog with the full picture and some links to webpages that are discussing the ad.

As I said in my blog, I do not approve this type of campaign of Absolut Vodka. They are selling their product at the expense of irresponsibly promoting resentment and revenge, thereby damaging better relations between Mexico and the US. I'm not a vodka drinker, but if I were, Absolut would not be my choice.
#31 Eddie Ohone 05-Apr-2008
Nice try Absolut PR guy.
#32 P.M.Lawrence 05-Apr-2008
In any case, that map is wrong another way. With those alternative history assumptions - a non-manifest destiny US culture without aggressive territorial ambitions - Florida and the gulf coast would still be Spanish (or, I suppose, independent or a Cuban possession by now) and the Pacific northwest would still be part of Canada (or a separate British Commonwealth country; but that's why it couldn't be Mexican). There might still be genuinely autonomous Indian territory, and the Mississippi basin might still be French, at any rate the lower parts.

You know, it's only the French bit that would bother me, because with history and culture like that the people involved would probably be quite happy with it everywhere else - they would be different too, and a match for their situation. But the French have a history of trying to impose their culture and exploit locals, so there probably wouldn't be a fit there.
#33 Chimbles 06-Apr-2008
Since when is everyone such an activist? And if someone just must be one, to make a statement to your friends or impress some girlies please pick something that really matters. Vodka ads are not meant to be taken seriously. I'm sure when you had your first sip of Zima, neither did a Ferrari nor a hottie showed up... did you run to the blog to post your disappointment in Zima?
#34 Rob 07-Apr-2008
I think the Absolut ad is very deserving. Our government saw fit to take Kosovo from Serbia and give it to the moslums. Perhaps the world should take the southwest USA and give it back to Mexico. Kosovo was part of Serbia for thousands of years, the southwest USA has only belonged to USA for a couple houndred years. We should also give south Florida to Cuba as they make up most of the population there.
#35 Schwerdt-Blog 07-Apr-2008
Dass die Vodka-Marke „ Absolut “ glänzendes Marketing inspiriert, steht seit langem fest. Dass sie aber
#36 Anonymous 08-Apr-2008
You are either with us or against us.
#37 Simply stated 08-Apr-2008
First of all- it is just an ad, so get over it if you do not like it. This was part of history-which means it no longer exists. Why do people get hung up on things that are not relevant. Take it for what the ad is and leave it.
For those that state that they will no longer drink Absolut-that is for now-but then five years from now-you will not even think twice-heck it may even be two months from now. The point is-GET OVER IT!!!
#38 STEPHANIE 08-Apr-2008
Absolutly dis-tasteful indeed... dont get me started i have so much down in my heart itching to get out about this subject.. i too will no longer buy absolut.. and this is no JOKE... maybe to the mexicans..... GROW UP AND I HOPE THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS GETS WHat he/she deserves.. DISRESPECTFUL TO THE US...I am sending this to all my friends on myspace..
#39 lisa 08-Apr-2008
Come on people lighten up. . . .the ad made perfectly good sence to me. I know the California I live in has been "over-run" by illegals, I deal with having to understand their broken English quiet often.

My California IS becoming Mexico all over again.

Hey don’t you know, it’s legal to be illegal in California.
#40 Your dirty father 20-May-2008
There's no fuckin' way you can come and tell anybody what to say or what not to! even if it's an international vodka brand. that's is one of the most popular enmends on your own political constitution , or what? have you forgotten that? Who the hell told you to be the fuckin world's judge? I don't certainly think somebody else but you all-mighty-americans may care about it anyway!!! so stop beein such assholes and tell your minds to care 'bout what really matters to the whole fucking world, like hungry childhood in those countries you've invaded for petrol, or the earth's overwarming caused by people like you that goes frome home to the nearest 7 eleven by car, that causes every day more natural disasters and will cost millions of innocent lifes! care abot the things that matter, not about non-sense publicity posters!!!
#41 mexicanassasin 24-Jun-2008
shut up stupid bitch
#42 Jimmy 30-Jun-2008
Amazing white people hate the truth when it comes to this country. THE LAND WAS STOLEN FROM MEXICO. Only convenient history books call it anything other than stealing. Crybaby white people upset because California is becoming Mexico again. It's called JUSTICE. It was their land to begin with. White people are nothing but bastardized descendants of illegal immigrants. It's amazing how all of a sudden Mexicans are called illegal in a territory that once belonged to them. White people! If YOU guys don't like it, YOU GO BACK to where YOUR ancestors came from! I just purchased a CASE of Absolut! More power to you guys!
#43 Diggers Realm 17-Mar-2009
Absolut Vodka is the latest company to sell out the United States and pander to the reconquistas who are fighting for Aztlan (the retaking of the Southwest of the United States). This latest attack on the sovereignty of the...
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