The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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An Asult to Reason

I can say with the utmost confidence that my English spidey-senses are insulted by this sign.

Wait... or maybe they're assaulted by it?

Either way, I think you get the point. Malaysia has now joined the anti-Fitna ragefest. I'll be tracking the wires to see if the fires continue to spread on this happy Friday, the traditional day of rage.

Update: I'm extremely asult, even.

Incidentally, Geert Wilders has apparently made some new friends in India as well. Anyone remember to bring the Grey Poupon?

Update again: Wildersitis has spread to Turkey.



#1 Sharon 04-Apr-2008
Truth can be painful it seems. Maybe some Preparation H on that asult will help.
#2 Cletus 04-Apr-2008
I say to the paki woman who cannot spell:


Fitna will NEVER go away now. These idiots are just making it worse for themselves
#3 Kevin 07-Apr-2008
Yu ar always so asulting! Stop it brion!
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