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Did you know that Pakistan was still raging against the Muhammed cartoons?

Yeah, me either.

This guy definitely does an awesome job at it, though. If he keeps this up, he may just become the next Islamic Rage Boy!

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#1 captainfish 17-Apr-2008
caption notes:
"A Pakistani protester chants slogans at a rally against the republishing of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in Danish newspapers in Karachi, Pakistan on Thursday, April 17, 2008. The Netherlands has shifted its embassy in the Pakistani capital to a luxury hotel because of security worries following the release of a film criticizing Islam."

ok, was the guy protesting in karachi or was the newspaper published in karachi?? Someone needs to learn more good grammar.

Also, is a luxury hotel really that more secure and safe than a hardened embassy?

And this, ...wait.. are they protesting the film or the pictures? Please stay on topic. is it one or the other or both? or are they protesting them in parallel? Or, do they take turns? First block they will protest images then the next block they will protest the film.

Here is a question, if it is blasphemous to display an image of their muhammed (who in the world knows what he looks like anyway? it is like putting up an image of Jesus.. no one knows what he looked like), why isn't it also blasphemous to write or say his name?

How is it that an image of a guy who might look like any typical generic Muslim wacko inflames the masses, but the Actual, Physical, True name of their pedophilic prophet means nothing that they can put it on headbands?!?!!?
#2 SH 17-Apr-2008
I agree, he may become the next Islamic "rage boy"!
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 17-Apr-2008
He's got the talent, [i]that's[/i] for sure. Let's see if he has the [i]endurance[/i], though:—That'll be the deciding factor! ;)

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