The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Very Flattering

"I think this one will really bring out your eyes!"

Heh—Also on this morning's wires? Attack of the bug people.



#1 forest 10-Apr-2008
I saw this photo over at the Ministry of Truth "Day in Pictures" feature, and figured it was good grist for the mill. I rushed over to check, and sure enough, you've already sniffed it out.

Thought I had a good tip there, but foiled again!
#2 Rooster 11-Apr-2008
#3 Skul 12-Apr-2008
But with such a vatiety of choice, I understand the difficulty.
#4 Skul 12-Apr-2008
Needs an "r" instead of a "t".
#5 captainfish 13-Apr-2008
How just plain ludicrous can you get.
Brian, you certainly have a knack for finding photos like these.

Some people have to work during the day...

But then, you do spend time in D.C. Doing nothing is pretty common thing there. (unless it involves taking our money)
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