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Illegals have their day...

.... in several courts.

To me this is just a wash in problems. Imagine being taken to jail and arrested for being the victim?

From OneNewsNow website comes this little gem of how your United States Constitution works to protect citizen's rights....

Attorney Gary Kreep says a California man is being sued by a group of Hispanic day-laborers who claim he attacked them, even though witnesses and photographic evidence clearly indicate he was the victim.
John Monti, who is married to a Colombia-born woman, is a public school teacher who lives near the migrant camps in California. He became incensed when he learned that some illegal activities were occurring in a nearby neighborhood, and he wanted to get some photographic evidence of it.

When Monti was getting the photos, Kreep says, more than a half-dozen day-laborers -- several of them illegal aliens -- assaulted him. "He stopped at this day-labor site, started taking photographs, and he was attacked by a group of the day-laborers," says the attorney. "First they threatened him, and then they attacked him. They took and smashed his camera ... [and] his cell phone."

Monti was able to escape, but when he reported it to authorities, he was the one charged because his assailants claimed he attacked them. Kreep says even though his client was clearly the victim, prosecutors falsely charged Monti with attacking the day laborers. But, according to Kreep, the prosecution could not prove its case.

"Mr. Monti was criminally prosecuted [and] a jury found him not guilty. The criminal case is over. However, now the attackers [who are] claiming to be victims have civilly sued him, and that is now going through a variety of motions," Kreep contends.

I just don't understand. I just don't understand how an illegal can have standing in our court system? How can an illegal file suit against a citizen?? I mean, there should be fed agents at court door to arrest them as they come to court.

This blows my mind!!!



#1 Cletus 13-Apr-2008
dude that pissed me off to no end. like seriously. I'm pacing back and forth here im all fidgety I need to commit violence against these goddamn people I NEED TO COMMIT BODILY HARM AGAINST THEM I WANT TO SHOOT AND TO STAB AAAARGH FUCK I WISH I LIVED IN CALIFORNIA

I would buy a gun and have some fun
#2 captainfish 13-Apr-2008
I like your energy there Cletus, but proposing violence only gives credence to those people who say that people who are against illegals are racist and hate Mexicans.

This has to be the furthest from the truth. This is about law. This is about right and wrong. This is about our country's Constitution and defending it. I don't care if the person who is in our country illegally is from Mexico or from Germany. This is about following the rules and becoming trusted tax-paying members of the American society.
#3 Cletus 15-Apr-2008
I have nothing against mexicans at all. I propose violence against the pricks who enter america illegally and then on top of that break more laws and exploit the the courts

they should all be thrown from the highest buildings
#4 captainfish 15-Apr-2008
he he he he he
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