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Fence with Money?

So, there seems to be problems with our new border fencing. People coming from south of the border have been cutting it and slipping through as if it was not there. But then, I don't know why they would say that. I mean, that looks like a very solid wall to me. But then of course, this is the fence being built out in the middle of nowhere.

And then this is the fence that gets built where there is money involved. Also note, that this is the fence that has nearly stopped all illegal entry as well.

Do you recall that our President Bush felt so bad about the invasion from the south, the loss of American jobs, the drastic increase in crimes by illegals that he sent down 8 National Guardsmen to the border??? Want to know what they are doing right now?You may ask, but isn't that big huge metal wall ence doing any good? Well, take a look and see for yourself. When a fence is built above ground or with very little penetration, then of course you are going to get intrusions like this.

I mean, who is the idiot that thinks building a fence above ground is going to keep anyone out? I mean, look at that last photo. It looks like the fence was built above ground and then the contractor just piled up sand on this side of it to make it LOOK like it was piled deep into the sand. And this is how we handle the holes???

I think it is time to start digging moats around these fences and electrifying the water. If these people can spend countless hours digging and cutting their way through our STEEL fences, then someone is not doing their jobs. We need to become more pro-active on keeping these drug and gun runners out.

Update [Brian]—Heh, I dig thee motes and raise thee thine beams. Many thanks to Frank B. for the quick correction!



#1 Rooster 13-Apr-2008
I find it odd that guy who lives in Northern Virginia would complain about illegal immigrants. Um... MOVE.
#2 Peterk 13-Apr-2008
Well its obvious then Rooster that you haven't been to Virginia lately. From Richmond all the way up to the Potomac river there is a large Hispanic population and they can't all be legal.
#3 captainfish 13-Apr-2008
Rooster, why would you think I live in Northern Virginia?

And why should I, as a native born American citizen born to native born American citizens, be the one to move when I, as you say, have a problem with illegal immigrants? Isn't that pushing an ideology of cowardice?

If I have a problem with people arriving here illegally, I am going to fight it and elect those who will fight it. My weapons of choice are words and votes. If I were to leave, that would mean one LESS vote for people who believe like I do that illegal immigration is one of many attacks leading to our nation's downfall these days.

And actually I do live in an area of low illegal immigration thanks to our state's voting in anti-illegal immigrant measures.
#4 Rooster 14-Apr-2008
OMG too many words... you are hurting my brain. I thought Brian had posted this. You all are too serious. I hate foreigners of all types.. legal and illegal. ;)
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