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Doing It For The Starving Children

Don't we all know how loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic and even more than that, FAIR, the U.N. is? Don't we know how the U.N. gets things done. How it has solved world hunger? And that pesky Mid-East thing?

Well, it would seem that once again, the U.N. in its infinite wisdom sought to help, aid and assist the starving and tortured children of the world. How do you ask? How did they accomplish this amazing feat of compassion and generosity?

Through childish art. And no, .... not the cheap kind. (You definitely got to see what this crap looks like. Bold and underline are mine.)

The U.N. Human Rights Council, frequently accused of coddling some of the world's most repressive governments, threw itself a party in Geneva Tuesday that featured the unveiling of a $23 million mural paid for in part with foreign aid funds.

In a ceremony attended by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo told the press that his 16,000-square-foot ceiling artwork reminded him of "an image of the world dripping toward the sky" — but it reminded critics of money slipping out of relief coffers.

"In Spain there's a controversy because they took money out of the foreign aid budget — took money from starving children in Africa — and spent it on colorful stalactites," said Hillel Neuer, executive director of U.N. Watch.

And of course, you peons are just incapable of seeing the connection between jet-sprayed paste and cardboard and feeding the world. Moon reminds us of the U.N.'s greatness:

Ban himself praised the piece and thanked Barcelo for putting his "unique talents to work in the service of the world."

But, be happy that this is the limit of the expenditure.

The artwork will soar above the Human Rights Council's chambers at U.N.'s European headquarters in Geneva, which may soon undergo a $1 billion renovation — but only after a $1.9 billion facelift of the U.N.'s New York offices is completed. [Ed: That equals $3 BILLION for just remodeling!! ]

At least they are doing it for the starving tortured children. Right?

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