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Al Franken Says This Voter's Intent Is 'Unclear'

Pat Dollard has more, including video.

What is clear is that the Democrats don't care about voters. They don't care about our troops. They don't care about America. They only care about power.

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#1 William Teach 20-Nov-2008
Hmm, I'm not sure ;)

I think they should just give the seat to the Lizard People:
#2 upyernoz 21-Nov-2008
i was just going to give the same url that william teach just did. its pretty clear to me that both franken and coleman are trying to find ways to object to votes cast for the other candidate.

it's not like "democrats don't care about voters" and republicans do. there are plenty of coleman challenges i think are just as questionable. it's more like two politicians are locked in a very close election and both campaigns are trying as hard as they can to win, even if that means making dubious challenges.
#3 captainfish 21-Nov-2008
Yeah, as if big-AL is democratIC...

He is a liberal DEMOCRAT. And ain't know way in hell he is a FARMER or part of a Labor party. Has he ever worked a day in his life? And no way he has ever worked on a farm.

It continues to blow my mind how people can vote for someone like that. And, in addition, how people can continue to have problems with voting. Dear GOD in Heaven!!! Just mark it and go. Just use the type that you have to mark out the line, let the machine scan it. After that it is foolproof. It either accepts it or rejects it.

What is with these CHADS? and I have not yet heard of one system that has gone touch screen that has worked well and secure.
#4 captainfish 21-Nov-2008
Again, I say, it is clear there are many idiots out there.

I went to that website and viewed some of the "questionable" chads.. I mean votes. And for the most part the choice is clear. If there is anything beyond what is legal or there is something that calls in to question, I say throw the ballot out. That should have been caught by the poll worker or the machine or something. People need to be taught or told when they are handed the ballot, that if they make a mistake, they can get another one or else their whole ballot will not be counted.

This is ludicrous. Trying to give a vote when more than one vote in a race is cast. IDIOCY!!!!
#5 upyernoz 21-Nov-2008
oh captain my captain,

there aren't any chads when it's an optical scan ballot.

"chads" are little bits of paper that get punched out when the voter votes. (a "hanging chad" is a chad that doesn't completely come free and hangs to the ballot by a thin bit of paper). they're only present in punchcard style ballots, where the vote is indicated by punching out the circle next to the candidate.

minnesota uses an optical scan ballot. their ballot is used by filling in ovals next to the candidate's name with a pen or pencil and then the ballot is scanned by a machine that tabulates the number of votes. the original ballots are then kept in case there's a recount, as there is here.

every form of ballot has potential problems. there's always an issue about which stray marks should invalidate the whole thing and which ones should be ignored whenever its a system that has people marking the ballot with a pen or pencil. when millions of people vote, lots of them will make mistakes. the harder question is which mistakes should disenfranchise them.
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