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The Problem With Congress

Thank you. Thank you all very much. Many of you voted for corrupt and liberal politicians this time around instead of voting for true change. You kept voting in the same inept, corrupt, liberal, ego-swollen, socialistic, collectivistic...... (I could go on, but I am getting too frustrated) politicians time and time again.

You learn nothing?

View this discourse between Fox News' Neil Cavuto and a congressman that really needs to learn what it means to be fired!!

"IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY!!"[/center]

Michigan, you must be so proud of yourselves. You are already turning in to Afghanistan-lite. And now, one of your premiere Republican congressmen truly believes that your money belongs to him.

Notice, it does not matter if the money helps people or not, only to stop corrupt non-economically viable companies to not go under. With the primary purpose is to pay UNIONS!!!

I don't know how you feel about unions, but do you really believe that all of the taxpayer's in this country should be paying the costs of union healthcare, benefits and the welfare of union worker's dependents.



#1 Rick 21-Nov-2008
Yes people keep voting for that same idiots all the time. But is there an "R" after the name. Cuz, you know, then it would be ok.
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