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A Post Brian Would Love

Elder of EOZ has found a great example of the CR(ap)'s love affair with Islamic Extremists.

You have to check out his post to learn how CR(ap) either is fully complicit in the double-dealing of their photogs, or they are completely clueless on the theft of their photos. And, we here all know how well the CR(ap) loves to keep a hold of their photos.

You think they will go after them like they went after Brian?? Wait, before you answer, let me hold my breath......

(Personally, I would love to know where this man, during a "shortages of food, supplies and even cash" and "blackouts", was able to stuff 2 HUGE, HUGE, pots full of chickens?!?! Enough food to feed a hospital and his friends?!!?!?

And that sure is a nice SUV in the garage too!! )

[Update:] Which reminds me of another one of Elder's great links.

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