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Brian's Photo Tips: On Power Shortages

Here's a free tip for my dear friends (but mostly mortal enemies) over at the Associated Press:

If you're going to go through a tremendous amount effort to stage a "protest" against the "dastardly" Israeli siege that you claim is responsible for causing rolling power outages in your city, it might be wise to protest in an area that doesn't actually have power.

Pay particular attention to the background.

But never you worry—This round of advice is free of charge!



#1 DMartyr 13-Nov-2008
Maybe that block in the background is the Jewish section?

#2 captainfish 13-Nov-2008
They are protesting the wrong people.

oh dear me, I forgot who i was talking about. Logic does not play any role in the Arab-Israeli theater.
#3 Jen 22-Apr-2009
DMartyr - There is no Jewish section in Gaza. All the Jews left, *remember?*
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