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Dead Bali Bomber Pictures

Since the Muslim family of these savages find the displaying of the Bali bombers death photos offensive, I thought I'd just post them here:

Notice Muslims are hailing these murderers as "martyrs of the battle of Bali." The 'battle,' of course, being Jihad against unarmed, defenseless civilians. That's all these Muslim cowards know.

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#1 captainfish 16-Nov-2008
3 more down, 10billion more to go.
#2 Gerard 16-Nov-2008
Good. I have been waiting to see these assholes dead. Hope more of these coward bombers get the same.
#3 Perfect 16-Nov-2008
Finally..about time.
#4 Muslim 17-Nov-2008
Whats with the "these muslims" line?? Not all muslims are terrorists otherwise there would be 6 Billion bombs going off!!!What these '3' got they sure deserved!! No one is a coward but YOU!!
#5 DMartyr 17-Nov-2008
Muslim - are we making a distinction between "muslims" and people who call themselves muslim? There is a difference.

Muslims, like these dead bombers and their families and all who support them, are practicing true islam.

Granted, there are some very good, decent people who think they are muslim by virtue of the faith they have chosen but don't understand. They have been taught only the good aspects of islam (which is fairly hard to find) or they have been misinformed about islam.

Muslims who know true islam as muhammad (pig vomit be upon him) invented it are either terrorists or apostates.

So, to recap - the three types of "muslims":

1. pious practitioners who behave as violently and as savagely as muhammad taught them (he is their perfect example, you know...)

2. misunderstanders who either through lies, deception or plain ignorance think islam is good and thereby follow and defend it blindly.

3. Muslims who learned the truth about islam, knew it was an inhuman cult, decided to leave it and are now apostates.

Just curious, which are you?
#6 captainfish 17-Nov-2008
Hey "muslim", and before you even go there with your counter argument, it is the truly opposite for Christianity.

1. pious practitioners who behave as peacefully and as lovingly as Jesus taught them (he is their perfect example, you know...)

2. misunderstanders who either through lies, deception or plain ignorance think Christianity teaches violence against sinners and thereby follow and defend what hate-preachers teach blindly. (ie.. Obama's preacher)

3. People who learned the truth about Jesus, learned that it was for real and felt the love of God along with his transformative Holy Spirit, decided to join it and are now loving Christians.

Think about these things and you will know its true.
#7 DMartyr 17-Nov-2008
You are correct, Captain. Islam is the bizarro world of Christianity.

Jesus taught to turn the other cheek; muhammad taught to terrorize.

Jesus taught to convert by good example; muhammad taught to convert by the sword.

Jesus taught to love your enemy; muhammad taught to hate, kill your enemy.

Jesus saved a woman from being stoned to death; muhammad ordered a woman stoned to death.

Jesus was chaste; muhammad married many, had sex slaves, and raped women (even a little girl).

Jesus was humble; muhammad was arrogant and boastful.

Jesus was brave; muhammad was a coward who hid during battles and only came out when his militants had won.

Jesus taught not to steal; muhammad taught that stealing was a virtue.

Jesus taught to treat strangers kindly; muhammad taught to 'force non-muslims to the side of the road'.

Jesus condemned killing and never killed; muhammad encouraged killing and had innocent people - including the elderly and children - murdered.

The Bible teaches to love your wife; the quran teaches to beat your wife.

The Bible teaches not to lie; the quran encourages deceit.

The Bible teaches liberty & freedom; the quran teaches submission and slavery.

The Bible teaches not to judge; the quran teaches to judge and punish anyone who denies muhammad.

These are just to name a few difference. BTW, Muslim, if you want to deny any of these things, be prepared to back yourself up with the quran or hadith. I certainly will.
#8 elaine jones bonham 27-Nov-2008
They are savages and the world is a safer place with them dead. Like excrement and flies, Islam attracts terrorists.
#9 Jacko Whacko 01-Dec-2008
Agreed not all muslims are cowards, but according to terorrism is all about muslim cowardice. Almost 90% of the world's terrorist attacks have been carried out by the muslims.

The recent killings in Mumbai is another classic example. Shooting at innocent indians and foreigners is an act of cowardice which muslims seem to be good at. Does islam really preach such nonsense.

I am glad i am not born a muslim. These muslim terrosists are a bunch of cowards and am happy to see them dead.

I am sure more to come and will eagerly await their cowardly photos.

Lets get rid of the dirty muslim urchins of the world.

Bloody cowards. It all brings me great pleasure in seeing such people dead.

I was happy to see the video of sadam hanging.

Soom we will see osama and his fellow gang of ants die.

God bless the good in the world to get rid of these evil leaches....

Kill em all.....
#10 haydon cooper 01-Jan-2009
people who dont really know about the true indonesian muslim should really concentrate on there on back yard
#11 DMartyr 01-Jan-2009
Yeah, Haydon, here in America we are always defending Islamic terrorists, killing in the name of allah, strapping on suicide vest & blowing up pizzerias and worshiping a pedophilic, wife-beating savage.

Face it, the world would be a better place all around without muslim savages killing their way to paradise. Without islam, there'd be virtual peace and almost no terrorism. Without islam, slavery would have been abolished by now, instead of continuing in islamic states, little 8 and 10 year old girls would be playing instead of suing for divorce in islamic courts, and women wouldn't have to submit to cowardice, barbaric men who can only feel masculine when hurting those weaker.

If you muslimes cleaned up your backyard, the rest of us would be much safer.
#12 Aims 12-Jul-2009
Glad to finally see these....
#13 Bob 16-Sep-2009
I used to try and be religiously tolerant but I'm getting so sick of Islam now. I was mad enough when I saw pictures of the men beheaded by Al Zarqawi and others,but lately I've been seeing graphic pictures of young women and children who were tortured and killed by Muslim terrorists. Makes me change my mind on Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Too bad it closed down.

I know not all Muslims are terrorists, but I've seen WAY too many regular Muslims preaching anti Western intolerant BS. They are all a threat. I even see some on Myspace who stick up for the dead terrorists. It is so hard to find actual good, peaceful Muslims these days. What happened to them all. I'm on the verge of saying **** them all, before they try and kill more innocent people.
#14 Mike 27-Aug-2010
Just a few days ago I was walking down the sidewalk. Noticing a group of people at the bus stop, I walked around rather than pushing through. Two of them approach me as I walk by and they're starting to push their religion on me, to which I said: No thanks, I'm not really religious (I smiled and I continued to walk away). They began to FOLLOW me in a hastily manner trying to get in my face about it, confronting me in an aggressive manner. After I ditched them in a car sales parking-lot with them shouting at me, I was steaming angry. I don't wanna go to jail, so I refrained from swinging on them both(I have training and can fight well). At first, I was steaming mad at muslims. Which I later realized was an ignorant thought. I've NEVER hated any group of people till then. But, I cooled down, got past that, and figured its fanatics in general I hate. Wheather you're christain, muslim, or whatever religion: DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY APPROACH OTHERS ABOUT IT! People are free to believe or NOT BELIEVE in whatever they want! Fanatics (of any religion) that threateningly push religion on people make a bad image for themselves as well as creating hate amongst society. I do not mean to offend anyone, I just had to vent about this incident that happened to me. *Peace*
#15 shitty chillzy 10-Sep-2010
ALL Muslims know is death to the "infidels". To them, if your not muslim, your death is their destiny to their heaven yet we're letting them come in to this country by the millions letting them preach hatred among us in OUR territory
#16 muhommads one eyed mole 22-Oct-2010
dmartyr ,how many inocent people have to die before you are convinced that muslims cant tolerate or live in a world with other people ,how much study and thought do you put into your comments
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