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NBC Showing How To Be Green

NBC is once again showing all of the world how to be green this month. On this past Sunday Night Football show, Meredith Viera was given a highlight spot during the halftime show. How did she spend the time informing us about how GREEN they are? Or, how green we should be instead.

To celebrate GREEN this week, NBC goes to ends of the earth. Literally! They transport tons of materials, people and burn tons of carbon to highlight how green they are. Meredith Viera is now in Sydney, Australia while Al Roker was in [strike]Green[/strike]Iceland. Meredith stated, authoritatively, that if Iceland's glaciers melted, oceans would rise 200 feet!!!


Money Quote:

I could say that we are throwing cold water on to people's faces, but we don't want to waste the water.

You may be asking yourself:
What is this "green month" about? I've seen a lot of green talk from the tv of late.

Well, it shows us how the networks can operate on candle power in order to save the world.

[Update:] HA! Beat you to the story Mark! But, he does bring up some good points. Like, most scientists agree that the rise will only be about 9 inches or less over next 100 years. So, one wonders where Meredith go the 200ft idea.

But then, maybe she is thinking of the 125ft sea level rise that has been occurring since 20,000 years ago? Wonder how NBC will tie man-made global warming that occurred 20,000 years ago?

Besides, if she wants real proof of climate change, she should have been up in Buffalo NY. They received over 2 feet of snow already. With temperatures going down all over the globe, one wonders how NBC can still maintain the "warming" shtick.

[Update 2:] But then NBC is not known for doing things GREEN during their green-aware pieces!!


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