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What Bothers the Associated Press?

We've established earlier today that my mortal enemies are not bothered in the least by serving as the official PR agency of Hamas. Not that this is very surprising, considering the agency's general history of anti-Western tendency.

No, what really bugs the AP is when the United States Army issues press releases. Especially when one of the photos that accompany said release has been digitally altered for P.R. purposes:

What, the AP doesn't like the American Flag?

There you have it. All P.R. work is not equal to the Associated Press.

I'm confident that their revenue will continue to reflect that fact. Who would've thought that Americans hate to buy news that is anti-American, anyway?

(h/t DMartyr)



#1 DMartyr 17-Nov-2008
Thanks for the HT.

The AP makes it sound as though there was something nefarious about the photo manipulation. But the military certainly didn't try to conceal the fact the photo was altered - it is obvious the background was changed to add a patriotic theme.

The AP are hypocrites.
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