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Enough Is Enough!

People are getting sick and tired of the constant bombardment of Islamic attacks while our governments sit back and do nothing. Muslim terrorists are winning - not because they are particularly competent or morally justified, but because no one does anything.


That is the only way to peace.

Some people who 'get' it.

And some who just don't quite get it.

And these Muslims are so busy condemning India's accusations of Pakistani involvement that they forgot to condemn the horrible attacks by MUSLIM terrorists against INNOCENT people:

Women supporters of a Pakistani religious group "Pakistan Awami Threek" take part in a rally to show their support to the army and condemning the allegation of Indian authorities after Mumbai attacks, Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008 in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan demanded evidence for Indian charges it was involved in the Mumbai attacks and reversed its decision to send its spy chief to aid a probe, muddying efforts to avert a crisis between the nuclear-armed neighbors. Placard on right is reading "Baselss allegation is unacceptable."

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#1 upyernoz 01-Dec-2008
once again DMartyr, i can't decide if you're ignorant or crazy or both.

"our governments sit back and do nothing"? really? have you been paying any attention in the past few years? the world has been obsessed with international terrorism for the past 7+ years. that's true about the governments in both muslim and non-muslim countries.

and "Muslim terrorists are winning"--how exactly are they winning? who rules 2/3 of kashmir right now? has that changed at all in the last 50 years notwithstanding the efforts of lashkar-e tayiba?

or, lemme guess, you don't know what LeT is. at least you don't seem to be talking about the specific organization that seems to be behind the mumbai attacks. instead you're acting as if all "islamic terrorists" are on the same team, fighting for exactly the same thing.

which is itself pretty crazy. but even if we pretend that were right, there's even less evidence that a group like that is "winning". how many caliphates are there in the world right now? none. the goals of organizations like al qaeda are quite clear, they've been stating them quite openly for a while now.

by my count, since 9/11 bin laden has gotten two of the things he has long called for: the removal of u.s. forces from saudi arabia and the overthrow of saddam hussein. both of them president bush did for him. it wasn't "islamic terrorism" that pulled it off.

and what does "destroy islam" mean? you won't let people believe in a religion if they want to? are you really that nuts to think banning thought will lead to peace?

seriously, a lot of your posts have been a little off, but this is the first one that struck me as totally detached from reality. maybe "destroy islam" makes a good bumper sticker if your inclined to like calls for the extermination of a major world religion. but it's hard to imagine any thinking person to take it as an actual policy prescription.
#2 yonason 02-Dec-2008
If something is good to start with, it will be good in the extreme. If something is evil in the extreme, it was bad to start with. As evil is Islam is in the extreme, worse than any other evil in it's demonic madness, that should tell you all you need to know about how evil it is to start with.

Islam is the problem, or at least a VERY large part of it.
#3 yonason 02-Dec-2008

...note that while the defend Islam against criticism for it's support of random collective punishment of non-Muslims for imagined "crimes" against Muslims, they are the leaders in condemning imagined "collective punishment" against them. They are hypocritical liars. ALL OF THEM!

There will be no peace until Islam is no more.
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