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OK, for all you college football stars out there, you know who you are, this is the start of the most important next two Football Saturdays. Knowing that outside of the SEC and the Big 12 South, nothing much else is going on and unworthy of our attention ( heehee ), I thought I would open up a post for those who would like to start pontificating about the possible top 5 teams following the next few weekends.

I'll start if off.

Texas Tech will SMASH University of Oklahoma. Why? Cause as a fan of Oklahoma State, I want them to be wiped all over the carpet before going down to Stillwater, OK. I would like to see OSU just put OU in its place. That will, granted unfortunately, allow two Texas teams to have serious consideration for the BCS bowls. But, at least it won't be OU. And, with another win under OSU's belt, that will allow them to have an even better bowl bid.

Anyone want to take on Florida?



#1 forest 23-Nov-2008
Well, Florida and Oklahoma look pretty good right now, but it's still college football, so who knows. Not quite as interesting as last year when there were several serious contenders from other conferences, but still pretty interesting.

I'd like to see more than one SEC/Big 12 match-up in the bowls if possible.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 25-Nov-2008
It really is a good thing I missed the FSU / Maryland State game this past Saturday. Every time I go with my dad, the 'Noles lose.

Surprise surprise, I don't show up, and they get a nice comfy [url=]37-3 [i]smash[/i] victory[/url].

Sorry I've been keeping the team down for so long, Dad! ;)
#3 captainfish 25-Nov-2008
I seem to have had the same effect upon OSU. When I attended the university, they SUCKED!!!! But the years between and after my attendance, they have done great.

Let's just hope we can smash our in-state rivals. I promise to not enroll or attend.....
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