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Another Video JihadTube Doesn't Want You To See

The video beneath the fold was yanked from YouTube in less than a day. It is only an audio lesson that quotes common Islamic texts such as the quran and hadiths. While the subject matter is mature, there is no offensive content other than that which quite readily and publicly available for anyone seeking information about Islam.

So, what was so offensive that YouTube felt compelled to pull it down almost immediately?

Muhammad's marriage to Aisha. The shame of Islam muslims don't want people to know.

Visit for more video lessons.

[Update:] This video was created in response to the removal of the video:

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#1 Pirate's Cove 23-Nov-2008
Happy Sunday! Another great day in America. A bit chilly, but, a great time to do some fishing. This pinup is by Vaughn Bass, with a wee bit of help. What is happening in ye olde blogosphere? Captain Ed explains exactly what the Gray Lady should have...
#2 [email protected] 25-Nov-2008
Somebody, PLEASE forward this to Michael Jackson, or whatever he calls himself now he's Muslim.

... OH! ... WHAT???

MJ's a pedophile worshiper? This episode explains the attraction PERFECTLY.
#3 DMartyr 25-Nov-2008
Hey! Don't pick on MJ. The poor guy is so confused... He converts to islam and then dons a... burka?

You'd think one of his new muslim brothers would clue him in...

Actually, I'm surprised this hasn't caused a violent muslim riot...
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