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The Attack Of The Killer Paintballs

Yep. How many times have we heard of people being massacred by paintball guns? How many times have we heard of the accidents in the field? People say, "No, I know the gun is unloaded!", and then BLAM!! someone's eye gets blown away.

Time and time again these devastating accidents occur despite the hours and hour of safety training people have to have even before they can touch a paintball gun. And sadly of course, this does not take in to account the massive numbers of deaths that come out of premeditated attacks by Paintballers.

But, thankfully, Europe (specifically Germany) has taken the stand to protect innocent civilians from the violence and murderous rage behind Paintballing. How you ask? Glad you asked...

A recent revision of Germany weapons legislation may affect U.S personnel owning firearms and knives, to include paintball and softair guns. The weapons legislation revision may require permits to own those items, and the revision also prescribes what owners are legally able to do with the weapons and knives, according to Rafael Wunsch, consultant for Installation Management Command-Europe Morale Welfare and Recreation Division’s Business Branch-Hunting, Fishing, Sport Shooting, VAT, Volksfests Section.

Wunsch said all U.S. personnel — particularly those involved in weapons-related activities such as hunting, paintball or target shooting — should be aware of the requirements and prohibitions contained in German weapons legislation. These include the following:

• A prohibition on carrying softair guns and other real firearm look-alikes in public.
• A German “small arms” permit requirement for starter/signal guns or devices.
• A prohibition on nunchakus, throwing stars and switch blades or butterfly knives.
• Folding knives that can be opened using only one hand or fixed blade knives with a blade length of 4.72 inches or longer should only be carried when really needed for activities such as gardening, hunting, camping — these types of knives may not be carried while shopping, strolling or going out at night.

Actually, when going out, no knives or other weapons of any kind should be brought along,” said Wunsch. “There is no advantage to have those items while going out, but there are potentially massive legal disadvantages.” [Ed: Self-defense is no excuse for anything]

Paintball markers must bear a stamp in the form of the letter “F” surrounded by a pentagon. Otherwise, the device will be considered a real firearm, which requires a permit.
Paintball markers may not be carried in public, but only on approved paintball playing fields.
Paintball markers and other firearms must be transported unloaded in the trunk of a car. [Ed: How do you unload a paintball marker? Do you take the ink out of it??]
• Owning real firearms requires a German permit and they must be transported unloaded in a locked container in the trunk of a car.
• Storing real firearms or ammunition in quarters requires a permit. Storage must be in an approved weapons safe. [Ed: So, where can you store your gun without a permit if not at home?]

Am so glad that the German government is keeping our children safe from the evils of PAINTBALLS. Lord knows we have nothing else in this world to fear Especially in Germany.....

Let's Be More Like Europe!!!!!



#1 Cletus 23-Nov-2008
#2 Morgan 29-Nov-2008
Umm last i checked no one has been killed by paintballs
#3 Morgan 29-Nov-2008
Oh btw check your facts first b4 you start dissin paintball. yea i have scars on my neck and sides from gettin shot by a "grocery store" paintball gun but im not dead. as a matter of fact paintball has been names THE safest sport in the world. NO DEATHS. You sir are a moron.
#4 captainfish 29-Nov-2008
someone doesn't understand SARCASM
#5 uncledule316 01-Jan-2009
why do we waste time on idiots with paintball guns when there are ten year olds with NINE MILIIMETERS the system has no balls to prosecute because they're afraid of racism charges?LET jackasses lose an eye with paintball stupidity, no one ever died from one!
#6 captainfish 01-Jan-2009
exactly uncledule316. It is not like this is about attacking non-players. Paintballing is a fun enjoyable sport. Yes, there are some that abuse the paintball guns and shoot others out of a sick thrill. And those should be prosecuted based on battery charges.

What is next, charging someone with abuse when a player heads a soccer ball during a game?
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