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The High Price Of Stupidity

According to Fox News and the ever helpful, truthful, fair-and-balanced CR(ap):

A group of western Pennsylvania college students are hanging 350 bras, underwear and socks as part of an environmental message.

The environmental science students at Allegheny College in Meadville are hanging out the undergarments as part of their "350 Project" meant to raise awareness about the danger of carbon emissions.

The project represents the number 350 parts per million, the level of carbon emissions the atmosphere can handle before it suffers irreparable damage.
The students say they initially planned to hang bed sheets, but had trouble collecting 350 sheets, so they moved to undergarments.

Hmmm... So wonder what it means for them as they used so much carbon to put this little stupid stunt together? Because you know the O2-suckers are now going to replace all that underwear and bed sheets. Or, they will have to wash all that once this brain-wasting event is over. Or, are they just going to throw all of that in the trash and add to our ever-increasing landfill problem?

But, no worries. It seems that we are already passed that "irreparable" mark.

It is always funny when greenies lay out some "threshhold" of no return and that reaching said mark will cause the world to go in to utter ruin and chaos, but then nothing ever happens. Or better yet, the reverse ocurrs. Hint: Al Gore: "We're All Gonna Die!!"



#1 Kevin 24-Nov-2008
That is a poor analogy. They should have put up 350 dirty underpants surrounded by 999,650 clean ones.

You know, for perspective.
#2 captainfish 24-Nov-2008
There are not 999,650 liberals in this country that could give their undergarments. They just don't believe in them. Racist, bigoted, hate-filled, supremacist, sexist, tyranny-based underwear that they are.
#3 Kevin 25-Nov-2008
Or they don't believe in cleaning them :).
#4 Cletus 25-Nov-2008
Someone please explain to me how hanging up your underpants will help the environment.
#5 captainfish 25-Nov-2008
Oh ye of little education. I can tell you have not been to a major university like thise wondrous intellectuals have.

hanging clean linen and undergarments act on the environment in a much similar manner as they do when they are being worn. They filter the air passing through. They are intricatly designed to capture odors and "pollutants".

Thus, by hanging these "filtration devices" up, they assist in cleaning the air. Thus, saving us from reaching that dreaded 350 ppm death-n-devastation level.

Or, bring us back down now that we are already passed that level. But particulars have never bothered greenies.
#6 Cletus 28-Nov-2008

I would shoot myself in the head before I went to university

I'm gunna be a hermit (with internet, of course)
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