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Reuters goes Tabloid?

Or as an alternate title, "Someone's Jonesing for a Fatwa."

I'm not entirely sure what the newsworthiness of this photo is:

Israeli Yoav Naccache holds a note, written in Arabic, on a beach near Kibbutz Zikim, outside the Gaza Strip November 25, 2008. Naccache and his friend Yohai Ben Yaakov (not pictured) found the note inside a bottle during a beach cleanup on Friday in the southern city of Ashkelon. The note reads in Arabic "I love you and I would die for you I hope God will not take me away from you You changed my life Hope God will protect you and take care of you My dear and my life inside my eyes. " REUTERS/Amir Cohen (ISRAEL)

Sure, it's touching. It gives one the warm and fuzzy feeling inside. But shouldn't this sort of photojournalism be left to the likes of other distinguished and historic news agencies such as the Weekly World News?

Or has Reuters decided to move away from the more intellectual side of the "news", and instead focus on bringing us the latest feelings from every corner of the Earth?

I guess that'd be an improvement...

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