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Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Fair and Balanced, NPR-Style

Under the Obama Fairness Doctrine, I'd imagine shenanigans like this are bound to become far more commonplace:

New York City officials this fall launched an art project called "Public Prayer Booth," which features a modified phone booth rigged up with a flip-down kneeler. Passers-by, if they're in the mood, can bend to their (padded) knee and say a prayer — a private moment in a very public atmosphere.

To cover the story, NPR sent reporter Margot Adler, a Wiccan priestess and author of two books on paganism. Lo and behold, she happened upon the president of the New York City Atheists, Ken Bronstein, an outspoken opponent of public religious displays.

Only a liberal editor in such an insular liberal organization would think that sending a Wiccan to interview an Atheist at a public (voluntary) prayer booth is "fair" coverage of the news.

Then again, considering how infrequently liberals from New York manage to escape out of their little cocoons—yes, even when they invade my own Fairfax County with their liberal politics—this really isn't all that surprising.

As my dad loves to say: You can lead a liberal to water, but you can't make him think. ;)


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